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12 Month Harvest-A-Month Lite Club
12 Month Harvest-A-Month Light Club
The perfect gift for one person households, our Harvest-A-Month "Lite" Club delivers the same high quality fruit every month but in smaller packages. Pick a start month and gift gourmet fruit all year long!
  • January: Minneolal Tangelos
  • February: Cara Cara Oranges
  • March: Honey Mandarins
  • April: Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • May: Navel Oranges
  • June: Tommy Atkins Mangoes
  • July: Pineapples
  • August: Kent Mangoes
  • September: Bartlett Pears
  • October: Fuji Apples
  • November: Comice Pears
  • December: Ruby Red Grapefruit

12 Month Harvest-A-Month Lite Club

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12 Month Harvest-A-Month Lite Club

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