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Party Pack Ready to Serve

…cheddar cheese. Some come pre-sliced for no-fuss serving. This flavor-filled box contains one pound each of pre-sliced fully-cooked smoked peppered ham, pork tenderloin, Canadian bacon and turkey breast, along with one 8 oz. waxed cheddar cheese and apple summer sausage. Easy to serve, delightful to…

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Smoked Peppered Boneless Ham

…Boneless Ham This ham is guaranteed to please. We've offered these for many years and every season our reorders are overwhelming. It’s a testament to the delighted satisfaction of those who have tasted them. They arrive fully cooked, ready to eat, with no bone and almost no fat! These make ham

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Southern Country Breakfast

…they ask for seconds of everything! * A full country breakfast for the whole family! * Easy to make for your guests. * A great gift for your favorite hostess. Contents * 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 4 Navel Oranges * Buttermilk biscuit mix * Country Gravy Mix * Fully Cooked Country Style Virginia Ham

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Canadian Bacon

…Hickory-smoked, fully cooked and ready to eat, Canadian Bacon is sweet and tender with exquisite flavor. It tastes a lot like ham, but it’s lower in sodium and calories. * Premium Canadian Bacon * A lower sodium and lower fat breakfast meat * Part of a gourmet breakfast * Cooked and ready to serve

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