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Paperwhites & Decorative Tin

…bulbs, pot and clean coconut fiber coir planting disk. With proper care, they will bloom again, year after year. Even better, for a small amount, you can add the beautiful decorative tin to your order! * Ship flower bulbs * Arrives ready to plant * Fragrant flowers * They can re-bloom to enjoy again

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Giant Amaryllis

Giant Amaryllis Flowers make the perfect gift because they always fit and brighten any home. Our exotic, fancy Amaryllis flowers grow amazingly fast - indoors! You pick the color: Red Lion (Red), Minerva (Red & White Striped), or Apple Blossom (Pink & White Striped). Each bursts forth with 5-7 huge,…

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Snow Queen Amaryllis

Snow Queen Amaryllis Brighten someone’s holiday with beautiful blooming bulbs. Everyone loves to receive flowers, so this is a can’t-miss gift for family and friends. Our Snow Queen Amaryllis is easy to grow. Just add water and the large, impressive, white blooms will burst forth in 4 to 6 weeks. It…

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Double Dragon Amaryllis

Double Dragon Amaryllis Everyone loves flowers, and these gorgeous, deep red double blossoms are sure to impress. Amaryllis is easy to grow and makes a stunning display for the holidays. Holland’s finest strain produces more huge flowers per bulb than any other and grows to 17" tall. These bulbs…

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