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Starkrimson Pears & Ruby Red Grapefruit

Starkrimson Pears and Ruby Red Grapefruit They’ll get the best of both worlds when you send our juicy, luscious Ruby Red Grapefruit and tender, honey-sweet Starkrimson pears. These pears are a festive red on the outside and our grapefruit is deep, rich red on the inside, truly dressed for the…

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Starkrimson Pears

"Bright, fiery red outside, and tender and sweet inside" perfectly describes these wonderful pears. Unlike any pear you have ever tried, the Starkrimson has a subtle floral aroma that will leave you wanting and craving more. Honey-sweet, delicate and totally delicious.

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Pear Variety Sampler Box

…own distinct flavor, and many of these can’t be found in stores. They’ll enjoy juicy, sugar-sweet, creamy King Comice Pears, sweet, bright red Starkrimson Pears with a pleasing floral aroma, Bosc Pears, with a dense flesh and a complex flavor, and versatile D’Anjou pears with a slightly citrus…

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4 Pear Variety Box

…Pears are some of the sweetest and juiciest; D'Anjou Pears are great for eating or baking; Golden Bosc Pears are sweet and juicy yet firm; and Starkrimson Pears are mild and sweet with a floral aroma. Four is more fun, more delicious, more exciting, and more variety! We dare you to pick your…

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Red Pears with Raspberry Sticks

…Raspberry Sticks Our best-selling Red Starkrimson Pears now have a truly worthy companion, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks! The true connoisseurs on your list will appreciate this delightful gift that looks as good as it tastes. Stunning, honey-sweet Red Starkrimson Pears are perfectly complemented…

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Related Categories Stru | Pears | Ruby Red Grapefruit | Grapefruit | Red