3 Reasons Why We Should Eat Navel Oranges in Moderation

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Most doctors recommend oranges to their patients because these fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Studies show that oranges, especially navel oranges, contain large amounts of Vitamin C and B complex that help tamper the body’s resistance against diseases. Navel oranges also contain folic acid that is essential for proper neural development. However, eating too many navel oranges may have some mild to serious side effects. Note that taking too much of the good thing can be harmful so even if oranges contain a lot of healthy elements that the body needs, we need to consume it in moderation to avoid side effects.

How much Vitamin C and B can the body handle? According to experts, the recommended limit for vitamin C 90 milligrams per day. However, some people may have higher or lower tolerance level to vitamin C so the 90 milligram limit may not apply to them. As for Vitamin B, an adult can handle as much as 2.0 milligrams of Vitamin B daily without incidents. Beyond this amount, a person may suffer from mild to serious side effects.

What are the possible side effects of eating too much navel oranges? Navel oranges are naturally acidic so eating too much navel oranges can result to stomach acidity, indigestion, upset stomach, bloating, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, skin rashes, nausea and headache. Although most people do not suffer from serious side effects from eating too much navel oranges, we should not take things for granted. Note that diarrhea can lead to dehydration so we need to be very careful with what we eat.

Some people may develop allergies and skin rashes after eating too many navel oranges. For some people the allergies are mild but for others, the allergies can be serious and may trigger asthma attacks. In most cases, skin rashes caused by citrus allergy are not be serious and may go away after a few days even without treatment. However, skin rashes can cause a lot of discomfort and may even leave marks on the skin so people who are allergic to citrus fruits should think twice before eating oranges.

While most people do not suffer serious side effects from eating too much navel oranges, some people may suffer from serious side effects. In extreme cases, people with pre-existing ailments may suffer from deep vein thrombosis after consuming large amounts of citrus fruits such as navel oranges. Aside from deep vein thrombosis, some people who consume excessive amounts of navel oranges may develop kidney stones. Does this mean that people who are sick should stay away from oranges? No, this simply means that people who have pre-existing ailments should not consume this type of fruit in excess.

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