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Today, there are more than 1000 mango varieties grown in the United States. However, these tropical fruits are still considered exotic and are seldom included in our must-buy-lists when we go grocery shopping or when going to farmers markets.

Mango Fruit

Mangos or Mangoes they actually mean the same thing, the mango fruit! Whether you prefer the spelling mangos or mangoes, both are accepted in the Oxford, Webster, and American Heritage dictionaries. They are plump, oval fruits with smooth skin, creamy aromatic flesh, and a single flat, oval seed.

Tropical mangoes are summertime fruits that are great for fresh eating out of hand or made into cold treats like smoothies, gelato, refrigerated cakes or ice cream. You can also pair it with creamy cheese, balance the heat of smoky dishes, or use it as an ingredient for other sweet delicacies like pies and pastries. This fruit’s flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and sour making it versatile. It goes well with other fruits like berries, oranges, apples, melon, vanilla, and more.

Common Texas Mango Varieties

Since Mango Trees are categorized as tropical trees, they can be grown in Texas. Common Texas mangoes are Haden, Tommy Atkins, Kent, and Keitt.

  • Haden – most cultivated mango worldwide after its introduction in the 20th century. It is a cross between Mulgova and Turpentine Mango cultivars, and was named after Captain John Haden and wife Florence who planted and cultivated the mango trees at their property. They are typically oval in shape, moderately fibrous, and weigh a pound or less. The Haden mango is parent to most mango varieties developed in Florida.
  • Tommy Atkins – the first Tommy Atkins variety grew from a Haden seed planted in 1922. It is oval in shape, more fibrous than other varieties, and has very mild flavor.
  • Kent – Kent is a cross between Haden and Brooks varieties. These are oval shaped fruits that weigh about 20 to 26 ounces. Kent mangos are popular for their sweet flavor, yellow skin with red blush, and low fiber fruit.
  • Keitt – Keitt are large sized mangos with dark green skin tinged with red blush. This variety is flavorful, has a tangy-sweet flavor with a hint of honey in it. This variety is fiber-free and has a thin seed making it a favorite among mango lovers.

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