5 Amazing Reasons for Eating Grapefruit

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When it comes to beating back the common cold, you just can beat a grapefruit! Whether you’re slicing it in half for a fresh start of your day or downing a glass of grapefruit juice to quench your thirst, you’ll be getting up to 80% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. That’s going to be your best, first defense against a cold. But there is so much more going on with that delightful piece of citrus. Here are five amazing reasons for eating grapefruit that you probably didn’t know.

1. Assists With Detoxing Your Liver
Your liver is like your body’s own private filtration system. Blood passes through the liver and gets a “wash” when the liver enzymes break down toxins. Grapefruit juice is chock full of the nutrients that speed up the action of those liver enzymes. The quicker they act, the quicker those nasty toxins can be expelled from your body. Any help your liver gets in that endeavor is going to go a long way towards keeping you fit.

2. Battles Prostate Cancer
Everything that goes on in our bodies happens deep down at the cellular level. A grapefruit is packed with a flavonoid nutrient with the name of naringenin. What this nutrient does is assist in rebuilding those DNA cells that has taken a beaten from invading cancer cells in the prostate. As explained by the medical experts, your prostate cells divide at a slow pace. With an infusion of narigenin, those cells will be jumping up production. The more work they do, the less chance cancer has to take hold. Bottom line: grapefruit is good for the prostate.

3. Lung Cancer Defense.
Not only can eating grapefruit help protect your prostate but drinking grapefruit juice can add a layer of defense against lung cancer. Researchers have found that people who can do a daily drink of three glasses of grapefruit juice can help breakdown the enzymes left behind from cigarette smoke that can cause cancer. This doesn’t mean you can keep smoking if you drink grapefruit juice. But once you kick the habit, start to fortify yourself with grapefruit juice.

4. Lowers Cholesterol
There’s good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. With the bad cholesterol your arteries can become clogged forcing your heart to work harder. That’s a recipe for trouble. Grapefruit added to a diet has been documented to lower that bad cholesterol by up to 15%.

5. Breaks Fever
Although not the only thing you should take for a fever, grapefruit does its part by helping folks with high temperatures to bring those numbers down. Any relief from the burning of a fever is going to be welcomed. All of these benefits mean you should have grapefruits handy all the time!

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