5 Good Reasons Why Parents Should Give Their Kids Navel Oranges

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oranges8.jpgLike most types of citrus fruits, navel oranges contain healthy nutrients that can help promote good health especially among children. As parents, we should encourage our kids to eat this type of fruit on a daily basis to stay healthy and strong. Studies show that this type of fruit can help build strong bones, produce hemoglobin, prevent viral infection, promote brain development and help ward off certain types of cancers.

How can navel oranges help build strong bones and teeth? Isn't that supposed to be the job of milk and other dairy products? Milk and other daily products such as cheese are not the only sources of calcium. In fact, there are plenty of foods that are rich in calcium including certain types of fruits and vegetables. Navel oranges for instance contain about 6% of the recommended daily value for calcium. Yes, 6% may not look much at first glance but if we add this percentage to the amount of calcium that we get from other sources, we will end up with a higher amount.

Aside from building strong bones and teeth, navel oranges are rich is Vitamin B6 that help the body produce the right amount of hemoglobin. Found mostly in the red blood cells, hemoglobin, transports oxygen and other important gases to different parts of the body. Low production of hemoglobin in the body can lead to anemia which is one of the most common ailment affecting children. To prevent anemia, parents should see to it that they give their kids enough Vitamin B6 and iron rich food.

How much Vitamin B6 and iron are in medium size navel oranges? According to studies, a medium size orange can contain as much as 64% recommended daily value for Vitamin B and about 2% recommended daily value for iron. In other words, this type of fruit contains large amounts of Vitamin B so parents need not worry about their kids not getting enough of this vitamin if they let their children eat at least 1 regular size orange a day. As for iron, navel oranges only have small amounts of this element but since this element is found in many types of food, eating at least one orange a day is not a bad idea. Besides, the human body is known to recycle iron in the system to produce hemoglobin so it does not really need a lot of iron to stay healthy.

When it comes to virus prevention, navel oranges have been proven to help fight off infection. Note that like most types of citrus fruits, navel oranges are rich in ascorbic acid which is a natural anti-virus.

How can navel oranges help promote brain development and at the same time prevent certain types of cancers? According to studies, navel oranges contain folic acid that can help strengthen the neurons and improve brain development. As for cancer prevention, navel oranges are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that are known to prevent colon cancer, breast cancer and others.

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