8 Ways to Eat a Grapefruit for the Grapefruit Nutrition Benefits

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grapefruit.jpgGrapefruits are one of the smartest choices of health-infused foods available in your local grocery store. The grapefruit nutritional punch they pack on is incomparable to most fruits, and especially to your average snack food. So what is the best way to incorporate this choice into your diet without getting tired of them? The trick is to keep your body guessing, you can stick to bland methods of eating all of your fruits and vegetables, or you can spice them up and still get in your grapefruit nutrition. Below are 10 fun ways to eat a grapefruit while reaping the benefits of the nutrients that grapefruit nutrition can provide.

1. The Typical Way – The most common way to eat a grapefruit is the typical way; cut it in half, and spoon out each section. This is the most simple and rewarding way to get the grapefruit nutrition experience. Not only are all the nutrients readily available with such little effort, the juicy taste is prominent.

2. Grapefruit with Sugar – This is a slight moderation of the typical way. By adding some sugar, it becomes more appealing to those who may be deterred by the slight bitter taste. This is a great way to turns children onto the fruit. They think that they are getting a sweet snack when in reality, they are being provided with 100% of their daily Vitamin C and a plethora of other necessary vitamins and minerals from grapefruit nutrition.

3. Dried Grapefruit – By evaporating the water out of a grapefruit, you can turn your grapefruit into a dry, chip-like snack. However, dried grapefruits will not be as nutritionally rewarding as a regular grapefruit, but they are still a better snack choice than potato chips.

4. Grapefruit and Wine – Many people will add newly fresh grapefruit chunks to their wine to add a little flare after a long, hard day of work. Not only will it be a healthy choice, it will also add just the right amount of sweet to their sipping while still managing their health through grapefruit nutrition.

5. Grapefruit in a Smoothie – Fruit smoothies are one of the healthiest choices one can make. When you throw grapefruits into your smoothie recipe, it only intensifies the nutritional blast. Try adding a grapefruit in with your with bananas, strawberries, yogurt, milk, and orange juice. If you are an avid athlete, a scoop of protein powder can also be a healthy additive.

6. Grapefruit Salsa – This may sound a little different to any type of salsa that you have ever had, but adding grapefruit along with avocado to your homemade salsa will give your taste buds a tingling that they have never felt! It will sweeten your chip dip while making it healthier as well through that great grapefruit nutrition.

7. Grapefruit Margaritas – If you are in the mood for Mexican after your Grapefruit salsa, you may want to continue the theme with a grapefruit margarita! Just add one full juiced grapefruit to any margarita mix and intensify your vitamin intake while having a blast! You can bring it to your next 'girls' night' and be the talk of the town!

8. Recipes – Grapefruits can be flavorfully fun when cooking your favorite meals. Try making Grapefruit Risotto or Over Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit and Basil. The Grapefruit in these meals adds a delightful kick while still benefiting from the grapefruit nutrition.

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