All About Grapefruit Calories

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Are you overweight and feel lethargic most of the day? Do you often just want to lie down or sleep? If so then you may be suffering from fatigue. How so? Being overweight means you have to carry more weight which puts more stress to your joints and muscles, causes you to work harder to accomplish simple tasks, and may even contribute to sleep apnea.

So what can we do about it?

Having a healthy diet by eating nutritious food like Grapefruit is the best solution to overweight problems.  Knowing which food to eat and which food to stay away from makes us one step closer to achieving a healthier body.


Grapefruits are citrus fruits from the flowering family of Rutaceae which are available in white, pink, and red colors, with flavors ranging from bitter to sour to sweet. It is a cross between a pomelo and a sweet orange cultivar and was first discovered in the 17th century on the island of Barbados. It wasn’t until 1823 that Grapefruit was introduced to the United States by Count Odet Philippe.


The white Grapefruit is the first cultivar that became available in the United States. It is bitter with a sharp acidic flavor that did not please the palette of orange-loving individuals. It was unpopular and even disliked by many citrus enthusiasts. Only the headstrong and steadfast growers continued growing and cultivating Grapefruits and a few decades after their dedication paid off.

In 1929 an incredible discovery was made: a red Grapefruit was found growing on a pink grapefruit tree. So what is different about these red Grapefruits and why are they so amazing? People disliked white and pink Grapefruits because they were overly sour and bitter, but the Ruby Red Grapefruits look amazing with their red-pigmented flesh and they are utterly sweet, unlike any other cultivar. Since then, redder and sweeter red Grapefruit varieties have been cultivated.

Weight loss

Grapefruit flesh and Grapefruit juice are reputed for their effectiveness in aiding weight loss. If you are one of those who asks if there is any truth behind this controversy then read the facts we have below that support this claim.

  • Low in Carbohydrates and Calories – an 18oz, medium-sized Grapefruit contains 20.7g Carbohydrates so it may be included in the daily diet plan of people following a low-carb diet regimen. If you are wondering, “How many calories are in a Grapefruit?” rest assured that Grapefruit calories are surprisingly low at only 82 calories. Furthermore, although it’s low in calories, it is high in nutrients as it also contains a high amount of Vitamins C and A, Potassium, Thiamine, Folate, Magnesium, Protein, and Dietary Fiber.
  • High in Fiber – Grapefruits like the Ruby Red Grapefruit are a good source of Dietary Fiber that can aid in weight loss. Fiber can help us feel fuller and satiated which results in lower calorie intake. Fiber also helps in slowing down the sugar absorption into the bloodstream so even if Grapefruit is high in sugar there is no need to worry about it.
  • Filled with Water – Grapefruits are 88 percent water so they can make you feel full and hydrated at the same time. You can make Grapefruit juices in the morning before you hit the gym so you can refuel and rehydrate yourself after an exhausting routine.

Helps regulate insulin – the chemical composition of Grapefruits like the Red Ruby Grapefruit reduces the insulin levels which directly helps in regulating the fat metabolism and encourages weight loss.

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