Are Honey Mandarins Sweet?

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With April upon us winter citrus season is fast coming to an end. But you still have time to enjoy healthy, juicy citrus treats when you order through Pittman & Davis…we’re delighted to announce that our best-selling Honey Mandarins are now available!

What are Honey Mandarin Oranges?

Before getting into what makes a fruit a Honey Mandarin, it might be useful to know more about mandarins as a whole.

The mandarin (also known as the mandarin orange) is one of the original citrus species (along with the citron, a lemon-like fruit, and the pomelo, a grapefruit-like fruit) from which all citrus fruits are descended. It may surprise you to know that many of our most popular citrus fruits are hybrids of these three original fruits.

The Honey Mandarin is actually a tangerine, but that doesn’t mean calling it a mandarin is a mistake – all tangerines are actually mandarins. Honey Mandarins are a hybrid of two types of mandarin: the King Mandarin and the Mediterranean Mandarin.

Super Sweet to Eat

Honey Mandarins get their sweet name from their lovely flavor, which is reminiscent of spiced honey. The Honey Mandarin orange is sweeter than other orange-flavored citrus (like Navel Oranges and Tangelos, for instance) because it has a lower acidic content than those fruits, meaning the characteristic “tang” of a conventional orange is missing so the fruit is sweeter. This make Honey Mandarins an ideal fruit for those with delicate stomachs or smaller children who might prefer sweeter fruit.

More Reasons Honey Mandarins are a Hit with Kids

Apart from their incredibly sweet flavor, Honey Mandarins are a popular choice for a child’s lunchbox because they’re just the right size for a kid to enjoy (or anyone looking for a quick snack: not much bigger than a golf ball.

Additionally, Honey Mandarins are a lot easier to peel than other citrus fruits (for example, the classic Navel Orange). This is because there are thin, loose, and easy to peel away from the page orange fruit inside with minimal mess or trouble. They also leave less pith behind when peeled, which is also something kids appreciate.

Honey Mandarins may not be seedless like Navel Oranges, but the number of seeds they contain is few. The fruit is also juicy without being too drippy, making them an ideal take-along snack.

Health Benefits of Honey Mandarin Oranges

Honey Mandarins are packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that bolsters the immune system function, keeps your skin healthy and glowing, and helps you heal faster from injuries or sickness.

A good source of soluble fiber, the low-calorie Honey Mandarin is a great snack for those trying to lose or maintain their weight because they satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you to feel full.

In addition to healthy antioxidants and minerals, a single Honey Mandarin contains the following:

  • 47 calories
  • 0 g fat
  • 12 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g fiber
  • 9 g sugar

Ship Honey Mandarin Gifts from Pittman & Davis!

The Honey Mandarin’s sweet, unique flavor makes it a special treat. Great for snacking and in salads, Honey Sweet Mandarins are easy to peel, easy to pack in a lunch, have very little white pith, are extra juicy and sweet, and section easily. Great alone or in recipes (including salads, desserts, and smoothies), your family and friends are sure to use every single fruit.

Order some for yourself and find out why Honey Mandarins are one of the most sought-after fruits in the citrus world. But don’t wait – their season will be over before you know it!

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