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Are Mangoes Good for Pregnancy?

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It never fails – a woman shares news of her pregnancy, and some well-meaning friends, relatives, co-workers and sometimes complete strangers take it as their cue to share horror stories of awful morning sickness and hundreds of hours spent in hard labor! Yes, myths and misconceptions often seem to go hand-in-hand with pregnancy, and it’s a shame when they add apprehension to what should be a joyful, happy time of anticipation in a woman’s life.

Pregnancy and Nutrition

A lot of “pregnancy myths” surround what a woman should and should not eat when she’s pregnant. (One of our team remembers a time when a friend’s grandmother suggested she sit out under the moon and eat an apple to bring on labor when she was two weeks past her due date! The friend recalled that she did go into labor not long after following her grandmother’s directions, but she wasn’t sure it could be attributed to the ritual. She did say the apple was tasty, though!)

Proper nutrition is critical during pregnancy, and a woman’s best source for advice on this subject is most likely to be her health care provider. We can help dispel some myths about what you shouldn’t eat when you’re pregnant, however (at least when it comes to fruit).

Fruit and Pregnancy

There’s a long-standing myth that eating mangoes can cause a miscarriage. Being mango lovers here at Pittman & Davis, we’re happy to tell you this is not true! While there are some fruits that should be eaten sparingly or avoided during certain times during pregnancy because they can cause some discomfort (like pineapple, papaya and grapes), mango is not one of them. In fact, lovely, sweet Tropical Mangoes from Pittman & Davis are a nutritious alternative to sugary treats like candy bars and cake when you’re craving something sweet!

Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mangoes offer both the sweetness pregnant women crave and the nutrition they need. Just one cup of mango gives you 100% of your recommended daily allowance! Vitamin C is important for the growth and development of a baby, as well as beneficial for a pregnant woman’s immune system.

Mangoes are also high in vitamin A, which is essential for women about to give birth as it helps with postpartum tissue repair. Also, a vitamin A deficiency at birth is associated with lower immunity and a higher risk of complications, like diarrhea and respiratory infections.

A Word of Caution

Although rare, it is possible to get too much vitamin A, and while mangos have nothing that can harm an unborn baby, they do have a high calorific load which can lead to weight gain and increased blood sugar levels. This means that, while mangoes are a great addition to your pregnancy diet, you should eat them in moderation along with a variety of other fruits.

In Conclusion

In moderation, mangoes can be part of a healthy pregnancy diet. When you order mango from Pittman & Davis, you’ll know you’re getting the best and freshest available – enjoy them in salads, in smoothies, over yogurt, or as a snack anytime!

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