Are Pears or Apples Healthier?

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The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but he could just as easily have made the same statement about pears. Both pears and apples are great additions to the diet of anyone interested in healthy living…both are high in fiber, low in calories, rich in antioxidants, are good sources of vitamin C, and free of saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Both apples and pears are a great snack if you’re trying to watch your weight because they’re rich in soluble fiber, which slows the digestion process, so you feel full longer and end up eating less.

But which fruit is more nutritious – apples or pears? Is one better for you than another? Let’s take a look.

Pear vs. Apple: Which is Healthier?

Apples and pears have a lot in common. They are both orchard fruit (that is, they grow on trees). They are both pomes, having white flesh covered with thin skins and cores with multiple small seeds. They are also both members of the Rosaceae family and are believed to have originated in Asia. Pears and apples each come in different varieties with their own characteristics that make them suitable for a variety of uses (eating fresh, adding to salads and smoothies, baking, cooking, etc.). Both come into season during the fall and winter months in the US.

Apples and Pears: A Nutrient Comparison

Apples and pears have equal amounts of minerals potassium, phosphorous and sodium, and vitamins C and B2. Pears contain more iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamins B3 and K than apples, while apples are richer in vitamins A, E and B1.

Apples are a rich source of phytochemicals, including flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolics, which may help reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and some kinds of dementia.

The high fiber content of both fruits reduces the amounts of “bad” cholesterol in the body, helps improve gut health and reduces risk of Type II Diabetes. But while apples contain epicatechin flavonoids, which studies suggest may lower blood pressure, pears contain quercetin, which has cancer-fighting properties as well as reducing blood pressure.

In Conclusion

To sum up, it can be difficult to pinpoint the health benefits of one fruit over another, because all fruits (and vegetables) contain different amounts of nutrients, and it is for this reason that health professionals encourage a diet made up of varied fruits and vegetables. Because of this, we can’t say it’s better for you to eat pears instead of apples or apples instead of pears. Instead, you should include both fruits in your diet, while perhaps focusing on higher amounts of the fruit that meets your own specific health concern.

Pear and Apple Gift Ideas

Pears and apples aren’t just good for you – they’re good to eat and make wonderful gifts! With the holiday season approaching, you may be busy trying to figure out what gifts would be best to send to your loved ones. Pittman & Davis Fruit Baskets containing fresh pears and/or apples, alone or with other gourmet treats, are always welcome. It’s a convenient option, too, because you don’t have to travel or visit a store – we’ll send a beautiful box or basket of premium fruit right to their doorstep!

Here are a few popular ideas to choose from:

  • Fresh Fruit Rainbow – The colorful fruit makes a pretty presentation and the variety of flavors will please everyone on your gift list. Enjoy this mouth-watering combo of sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, velvety King Comice Pears, crisp Mountain Apples, and juicy Navel Oranges. A thoughtful gift – from our farms to your friends, family, or co-workers, or a treat for yourself!
  • Harvest Select Gift Box – Here’s a combination of flavors that everyone wants: premium fruit, crunchy nuts and savory cheese, perfect for appetizers or snacking. They’ll get large, blushing Comice pears and crisp, fragrant Fuji apples, hand-selected for their individual beauty and mouthwatering flavor. The fruit is complemented by plump, savory cashews and almonds and fine aged sharp cheddar cheese. It’s a gift sure to delight everyone on your list, and the price will delight you!
  • Pears & Apples Gift Box – Send a gift box of the highest quality, orchard-fresh pears and apples available. Crisp, delicately sweet, and juicy Fuji Apples and sweet, succulent and creamy King Comice Pears are plucked at the peak of freshness and rushed right to your door. Unmatched for flavor; it’s the same quality seen in other catalogs, but at an affordable price.

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