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Some of the greatest companies in American history started out as mail order catalogs. Sears, Roebuck & Co. was one of them, founded in 1893 by two men who understood the importance of transportation in the retail industry. More than a century later, a growing number of goods are being sold to distant buyers via the Internet– which is essentially an electronic version of the old mail order catalogs.

About us

When Frank Davis met a fruit grower named Howard Pittman in 1926, he knew he had stumbled upon a recipe for success. Much like Sears and Roebuck before them, Frank Davis knew sales and his new partner knew the product. The two agreed that they would sell Howard's prize-winning citrus via mail order catalogs, since there was no reliable distribution system for commercial citrus at the time.

The company soon became one of the leading sellers of citrus in South Texas. And although Howard Pittman sold his shares to his friend and partner in the late 1930s, Frank Davis decided to keep the original company name. Now, more than eight decades later, Pittman & Davis remains a family-run business that is helmed by Ned David, the son of the founder.

What's changed?


As you might imagine, Pittman & Davis doesn't sell much fruit via mail order any longer. Most of their customers place orders online, since it is much faster, cheaper, and more convenient. The company's product line has also grown considerably over the years. In addition to fresh citrus fruits, the company also sells gift baskets and boxes, pastries and bakery goods, smoked meats, candies, nuts, cheeses, flowers, and dried fruit.

Why baked goods?

One of the most recent additions to the Pittman & Davis catalogue is its baked goods category that includes pies, cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. It might seem a bit out of character for a company that has been selling fresh citrus for over eighty years to suddenly offer premium baked goods, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Baked in small batches and shipped fresh, the cakes, cookies, and pies Pittman & Davis sells are perfect for any occasion. Most of the time, they are purchased as gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events. The fact that the company has decades of experience in shipping and distribution allows them to save beaucoup bucks on delivery costs. Just as they do with their deliveries of fresh fruit, they get the product to the consumer on time, every time.

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