Benefits of Making Your Own Texas Navel Orange Juice

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oranges19.jpgWhile most people have a tendency to go to the grocery store and pick up whatever orange juice is available, there are advantages to making your own navel orange juice. One of the most important reasons to make your own navel orange juice is because you know exactly what is in it. While you can certainly become a label reader, there may be ingredients in such minute quantities that the manufacturer does not have to disclose them on the label. While this is not generally a problem, if you wish to avoid certain ingredients, you need to know exactly what is in everything you eat and drink.

Many commercial navel orange juice varieties include an excessive amount of sugar. Since navel oranges are already sweet, there is no reason to add additional sugar. The problem is if you choose a low sugar variety, you also find it has half the amount of juice. Instead of actually reducing the amount of sugar in the navel orange juice, all they really do is add more water in order to give consumers the false impression they are drinking orange juice with less sugar content.

Another reason you should consider making your own navel orange juice is because you will know exactly what kind of orange you are using. While most commercial orange juices are made from Valencia oranges, manufacturers may use other varieties as well. In reality you may find that a variety of different oranges may go into the manufacturing of specific brands of commercial orange juice. This is likely to account for the reasons different brands have varying tastes, with some actually coming across as having a rather bitter taste. When you develop the habit of making your own navel orange juice you will have a consistent flavor.

While it may appear to be a great deal of work to make navel orange juice rather than buying commercial juice, the end result will be a healthier choice. You know what is in juice you prepare yourself, and you can control the amount of sugar you add if you choose to add any at all. You can create a sugar free variety by using artificial sweetener without reducing the amount of juice you use thus preserving the healthy quality of fresh squeezed Texas navel orange juice. Finally, if you are in the habit of buying organic fruit, you can have organic orange juice without the added cost of the commercial varieties.

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