Best Citrus Fruits for Weight Loss

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When you send your loved ones a citrus gift box, you’re not just sending deliciousness – you’re sending health as well! Fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet. The USDA recommends that adults consume two servings of fruit per day, while the American Heart Association recommends 4-5 servings. But did you know fruit can help you lose weight, too?

Fruit and Weight Loss

Let’s be clear…the formula for weight loss is pretty simple (even if losing weight isn’t always that simple: calories out (burned) must exceed calories consumed (eaten). Simply eating fruit is not the key to weight loss. You should also strive for a healthy, whole-foods-based diet alongside regular physical activity.

That said, many fruits (like oranges and grapefruits) are low in calories while high in nutrients and fiber, which (in addition to making you feel great and more energetic) can also help you feel fuller, meaning you eat less.

The Effects of Citrus Fruits on Hunger

Even though citrus fruits can’t raise your metabolism, they can help you control hunger, if you eat the whole fruits. Citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines are rich in fiber and water. Foods that are high in fiber and water fill your stomach and take time to digest, which helps you maintain a sense of fullness, reports the Mayo Clinic.

What a Grapefruit and Orange Can’t Do

A common misconception is that some citrus fruits, especially (grapefruit) can boost your metabolism and therefore increase your weight loss. It was probably such myths that gave rise to the popularity of the so-called “grapefruit diet.” Alas, no foods actually increase metabolism – the only way to do that is by increasing your lean muscle mass. But that doesn’t mean that citrus fruits like grapefruit can’t have a positive effect on your weight.

How Grapefruit & Navel Orange Varieties Can Help You Lose Weight

Grapefruit (a cross between a pomelo and an orange) is commonly associated with dieting and weight loss. There are just 39 calories in half a grapefruit (78 calories in 1 grapefruit), but 65% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Also, grapefruit has a low glycemic index, which means it releases sugar into your bloodstream more slowly (a great help for those at risk for Type II Diabetes). Studies have also shown that eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice before meals can result in a decrease in calorie intake, a decrease in body weight, and improved cholesterol levels, which can have a positive impact on high blood pressure and overall heart health. Finally, a recent study found that grapefruit consumption reduced fat, waist circumference, and blood pressure compared to control groups.

While grapefruit can be eaten on its own, it also makes a great addition to salads and other dishes.

Citrus Fruits As Healthy Alternatives to High-Calorie Flavorings

Citrus fruits can also help you lose weight by giving flavor to dishes without adding calories. Lemon juice is a classic flavoring in many dishes, but a navel orange can also be used to provide flavor to chicken and fish entrees. A fresh navel orange (seedless varieties especially) can also serve as a sweet, delicious snack in place of more sugar options.

Give the Gift of Health!

When holidays or birthdays roll around, consider sending a grapefruit box gift or clementines box gift instead of chocolate or other candies! Seriously, premium fruit companies like Pittman & Davis that offer fruits like grapefruit for sale can be a welcome alternative for your loved ones. After all, fruit falls within most any dietary restriction, and high-quality fruit is always considered a treat. And you don’t have to sacrifice the fun when you buy grapefruit and oranges…boxes from Pittman & Davis can also include gourmet treats that add a moderate amount of indulgence while keeping the freshness and health.

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