Best Fruit Delivery for Mother’s Day

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Looking to surprise and delight your Mom this year? Pittman & Davis has lots of delicious gourmet goodies for Mother’s Day: luscious fruit, decadent chocolate, sweet baked goods, savory treats…our tasty offerings provide you with a unique and impressive way to show you care!

Why Citrus Fruit Gift Baskets from Pittman & Davis Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re puzzling over what to get your mother this year, you’ll definitely want to consider gifts of fruit by Pittman & Davis!  Our citrus fruit baskets make excellent gifts, especially for moms who have everything. Instead of sending her flowers or a boring gift card, a citrus fruit basket that includes her favorite fruits, beautifully presented, is sure to make her smile.

May We Suggest:
If you’re looking for citrus fruit gifts that are sure to stand out, our Citrus Delights Gift Basket and Quarter Bushel Bountiful Basket are both excellent options. For one thing, both come in beautiful, reusable containers. The Citrus Delights Gift Basket makes a great centerpiece, and the Bushel Bountiful Basket come in different sizes to fit any budget.

Love Across the Miles

Sending your mother or grandmother fruit gifts by mail is a great way to show you care. Since mail order fruit gifts generally provide healthier fare than the typical box of chocolates that tempt the taste buds and expand the waistline, order fruit gifts online is something you (and your mom!) can feel good about.

You’re not just giving your mother, grandmother, aunt or other special someone a healthy and delicious treat when you send her a citrus delivery…you’re also giving her convenience (and possibly even safety). Mail order fruits save her a trip to the store (which in this age of COVID-19 can be very helpful), and the fact that Pittman & Davis offers the best mail order fruit available makes it even more worthwhile.

May We Suggest:
One of the many advantages of sending fruit by mail is that you’re not limited to what’s available locally, and are Tiny Tim Navels are a treat that’s rare to find! In addition to the small, but oh-so-sweet and snackable orange cuties comes a charming story about Tiny Tim that’s sure to make your loved one smile. Or, pile your Mom with gems – Ruby Gems, that is! The smaller size and sweet flesh of this hard-to-get grapefruit is sure to impress any palate. No sugar needed!

Gifts of Fruit and Treats!

If you want to indulge your mother a bit, you don’t just have to ship fruit – Pittman & Davis may be all about fruit (especially citrus!), but we also offer plenty of gourmet goodies, sweet treats, and savory snacks that can elevate your fruit gift to a new level! From cakes and candies to nuts and condiments, you’re sure to find something she’ll love.

May We Suggest:
If your Mom has a sweet tooth and you want to offer her a variety, how about a box of Mini Bundt Cakes from Pittman & Davis? These moist and delicious beauties are a teatime treat she’ll love to share (well, maybe not, but that’s okay, too)! If you think she’d rather not go quite so decadent, there’s also our naturally sweet Sunburst Fruit Tray, which contains a variety of dried fruits sweetened by the sun.

So this year, treat Mom to a delicious citrus fruit delivery that will show her how much you really care. From wholesome baskets boxes of just fruit, to combo packages of gourmet treats, to sweet baked goods and decadent chocolates, you’ll be able to order fruit and gifts that are guaranteed to make Mom’s day!

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