Can Children Benefit from Grapefruit Pectin

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grapefruit18.jpgThe benefits of grapefruit pectin are many. They help reduce cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Grapefruit pectin can help fight free radicals, aid in digestion and even control blood glucose in diabetics. While all of these benefits are wonderful, are they a good idea for kids?

The answer is actually pretty easy–yes. Though things like heart disease and stroke seem like the stuff of older people, the truth is that the best medicine is not reactionary. This means medicine that is given out after one is already sick. The best medicine is actually precautionary–given out before the person gets sick. This is why even children can benefit from grapefruit pectin.

The biggest benefit of grapefruit pectin in children is due to diabetes. In today's society, childhood obesity is almost at an epidemic level. One of the possible side effects of obesity is a big one–diabetes. Children who are overweight or obese are at large risk for developing diabetes. Since grapefruit pectin helps to control blood glucose, it can be an important part of the daily diet.

Grapefruit pectin aids in digestion because it is a type of fiber. Like most fiber, it helps to keep you 'regular', making sure you get regular bowel movement. Children can often eat foods that get in the way of healthy digestion. Grapefruit pectin can prevent this from happening, so no matter what is in your childs diet they will have a healthy bowel function.

Adults are the only group ever talked about when the conversation turns to cholesterol. But cholesterol is something that is dangerous for all ages. As cholesterol in the diet increases, it stays in the blood where it can begin to form a plaque in the arteries. This is dangerous and can lead to all sorts of health and heart problems later in life. So why not prevent it in children by giving them a dose of grapefruit pectin?

Most children seem to hate the taste of grapefruit. They think it is 'grown up food'. There are ways around this. You can sweeten the grapefruit with sugar, put it in another food (like mixing orange and grapefruit juice) or adding it to marinades or salad dressings. The easiest way though for children may be by using pills and powders. There are grapefruit pectin supplements available which can easily be hidden in things like oatmeal, juice, milk and other breakfast treats. Or put it in with a milkshake for an unexpected health boost to a sweet treat. The use of grapefruit pectin pills and powders opens up a whole avenue of possibilities for parents to get some of the benefits of grapefruit pectin into their childrens daily routine.

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