Can Online Grapefruit Help You Reach Your Weight-Lose Goals?

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Grapefruit Half

Dieters have been eating half a grapefruit for breakfast for generations now. The diet that made the fruit famous was based on the idea that the once exotic fruit contained a magical fat-burning enzyme. It does not. But that doesn't mean it's not a super food. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that the grapefruit a bona fide fat fighter… we just don't know why! With that said, here's why the experts think grapefruit is good for your waistline.

It's Low in Calories

Easily the most popular citrus fruit on Earth, the orange owes its appeal to it relatively high sugar content. Although related to it, the grapefruit has less sugar, which means it also has fewer calories than the orange. As a result, it is widely considered a superior diet food, especially when eaten fresh. A fresh serving of grapefruit (one half) has just 7 grams of sugar and only 40 calories!

It Fills You Up

Since we are comparing the grapefruit and the orange, it's important to note that fresh grapefruit has a much higher water content than oranges. That's one reason why grapefruit can't be easily peeled, segmented, and enjoyed like orange pieces or carpals. There's simply too much water in the grapefruit for it to be a hand fruit. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Because it's around 90 percent water, the grapefruit tends to fill us up when we eat it fresh. There may also be something to the tart, slightly sour taste of the fruit. Since it is a flavor most folks don't encounter every day, some experts believe it acts as an appetite suppressant. In other words, it literally leaves a bad taste in our mouths that keeps hunger at bay.

It's Satisfying, But Not Too Sweet

Because they contain less sugar, the grapefruit has a much lower glycemic index and load than the orange, which means it has a negligible effect on blood sugar and insulin levels. Why is this important? As any diet expert could tell you, massive spikes and plunges in these levels have an effect on our appetite. By keeping them steady, dieters can largely control their eating habits and avoid the frequent snacking that comes with yo-yoing levels.

It's Easy to Find

Although not nearly as popular as the ubiquitous orange, grapefruit can be found in most supermarkets. You can even order online grapefruit directly from commercial sellers in the citrus-producing states– Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona. And if you buy online grapefruit in bulk, you might even save money on your order.

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