Controlling Cholesterol with Grapefruit Pectin

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grapefruit17.jpgIf you are at risk for heart disease, there could be several reasons why. It could be hereditary, and have nothing to do with your diet, weight or any other factors that are usually an indicator of heart disease or being at risk for it. Others have to do with cholesterol. Cholesterol is a plaque that can go through your blood stream and attach itself to the arteries that go through your body, particularly through your heart. Fortunately, there are many ways to try and lower your cholesterol, and one of them is through the use of grapefruit pectin.

Grapefruit pectin is a type of fiber that is found mostly in the thin skin that surrounds each segment of grapefruit and in some of the white pith and flesh of the grapefruit as well. All in all, a half of a medium grapefruit can have up to six grams of this grapefruit pectin. Why is this important for you to know/ Because if you have high cholesterol, consumption of these parts of a grapefruit can mean lower artery clogging, which is mostly caused by cholesterol in the blood. If you eat grapefruit pectin, most of the cholesterol in your blood that is pumped through the arteries of your heart will bind to the grapefruit pectin instead of the arterial walls. This means less cholesterol in your blood and arguably more importantly, no new cholesterol sticking to your arteries.

Cholesterol sticking to your arteries is often referred to as arterial plaque. This plaque can lead to high blood pressure. This of course can in turn lead to heart attack and stroke. When you have a lot of arterial plaque, your blood pressure rises because your arteries and veins have to work harder to pump blood through your heart. Since your heart must function in order to live, the blood pressure will eventually take a toll on your heart and overall health, leading to strokes or heart attacks. There are medications to reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure, but they have a lots of dangerous side effects. Taking grapefruit pectin in any form can help avoid all this.

The best part is that the only side effects from grapefruit pectin are an increase in vitamins, minerals and fiber in your diet. Those can hardly be thought of as true side effects, at least not in the traditional sense. The side effects of grapefruit pectin are actually good for your body. Grapefruit is full of Vitamin C, riboflavin, fiber, and other antioxidants which help kill free radicals in your body. As you can see, eating grapefruit pectin is actually for more than just people with high cholesterol!

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