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Unlike other forms of citrus fruits, the grapefruit has a lovehate relationship with consumers. While many love the tangy flavor it offers, others find it to be too bitter for their enjoyment. But perhaps that is because they haven't found the right grapefruit for them. You see, just like other fruits they come in different varieties. Plus, some of the best are grown in Florida.

Often when you think of grapefruit you think of the pinkish interior, but the sweet ruby red variety gives you all the tang of grapefruit with a nice sweet overtone. Which will certainly please your taste buds, but at the same time it can help your health. Since grapefruit are full of vitamins and nutrients and the acid in the grapefruit helps to improve circulation.

Flame grapefruit are a deeper shade of red than even the ruby red can dream of. Often they are sweeter than the ruby red as well. Giving them a flavor unique and all of their own. Plus those who might not enjoy digging the seeds out of citrus will be pleased to learn that this variety does not contain any seeds. Its yellowish skin backed with the red interior is also truly pleasing on the eyes.

White grapefruit is the most interesting type of grapefruit you will find. It has the yellowish skin and orange insides. While it remains sweeter than regular grapefruit it will actually do something very interesting if left on the tree. After the fruit grows from the white flowers that aid in its name, if left past turning yellowish orange, they will return to a green color. While this does not harm the flavor in any way it still remains a wonder of the delicious fruit.

But while many of us can enjoy grapefruits with no problem those using certain medications should contact their doctor of pharmacist before enjoying these wonders of natural. If you can't enjoy a grapefruit such as a Clementine or a tangerine, both of which have a little tang but the sweetness you might desire.

So the next you are out and looking for the perfect selection of citrus fruit, go beyond the traditional enjoyment of oranges and head for the grapefruits. They have additional benefits to your health, and they provide you with a tangy and sweet flavor that you no doubt will be able to enjoy for a long time.

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