Do oranges boost your immune system?

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Immune Boosting Navel Oranges

Doctors advise that we wash our hands regularly, get enough rest, drink lots of water, exercise, have a little bit of sunshine, and eat healthy foods that can boost the immune system so our body can fight off diseases or shorten the time viruses infect our body.

One particular fruit, the Navel Orange, is well known for its ability to boost the immune system and promote overall good health. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that can help protect the body from potentially harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses. At the same time, the nutrients in Navel Oranges can limit the damage caused by non-infections agents like sunburn and cancer. Listed below are the benefits we get from eating Oranges Navel.

  • Oranges Navel are packed with Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that can help stave off diseases and fight the formation of free radicals that can cause cancer. When you eat a large Navel Orange you get a hundred percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C with its antioxidant property can protect the cells in our body and promote the production and function of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting infections. When the immune system is strong and works properly, it can prevent colds or lessen the severity of cold symptoms.
  • Navel fruit is a good source of Vitamin D that strongly modulates our immune system. The active form of Vitamin D promotes antibacterial responses to pathogens and, at the same time, supports the epithelial cells in mounting an antibacterial response. With Vitamin D present in the Navel Orange, the risk of you contracting flu, other respiratory infections, and sepsis are lessened.
  • Sweet Navel Oranges are not only flavor-rich but they also have Vitamin A that helps reduce inflammation and aid the immune system. Vitamin A is responsible for developing and protecting the epithelium and mucus integrity of the body and concurrently plays a vital role in gene expression. Vitamin A found in Navels also plays a regulatory role in enhancing the immune responses and functions that help stave off inflammation and respiratory tract infection.
  • Orange Navel, especially the red Navel Orange, contains bioactive plant compounds like carotenoids and flavonoids. The hesperidin in red Navels has positive changes in altering the white blood cell and turns the gene expression to anti-inflammatory profiles that in turn helps decrease upper respiratory tract infections. This flavonoid is highly concentrated in citrus fruits like the different Navel Orange varieties, but is rarely available in other food.

Navel fruit

The sweet Navel Orange is not available year-round. The Navel Orange season starts in October and typically ends in April, with the red Navel variety available in January until April. The best Navel Oranges are available during this time of the year as you can enjoy the freshest, juiciest, and sweetest fruits during the Navel Oranges season. This is also when you can get varying Navel Orange size from medium to large.

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