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Just as sweet-and-tangy navel oranges makes us think of Christmas stockings and crisp, juicy apples evoke images of fall, so do delicious, melting peaches make us think of summer. If summer had a taste, it would surely be peach, for when else can you enjoy fresh peaches in fresh cream, warm-from-the-oven cobblers, or whole and juicy while sitting in the swing on your front porch?

The answer is: right now! It may not be warm enough yet to enjoy them on your porch, but Pittman & Davis Sweet Petit Peaches can bring back that summery feeling before the first day of spring.

Why Order Peaches from Pittman & Davis in the Spring?

Just because out-of-season peaches are available doesn’t mean they’re easy to get (unless you place your peach online order with Pittman & Davis!). In fact, winter/spring peaches tend to sell out faster than you can say “Georgia Peach,” and that’s because they’re not grown in Georgia, or anywhere else summer peaches are grown. Nope, these palm-sized pretties are grown in Florida, and since the Sunshine State devotes more than 500,000 acres to growing citrus and only about 1,500 acres to growing peaches, Florida’s peach crop tends to be small.

How are Florida Peaches Different from Other Summer Peaches?

It’s not just the time of year that makes Florida peaches different. When growers in Georgia or South Carolina ship peaches, the fruit tends to be softer, or what peach fans call, more “melting.”

Pittman & Davis Sweet Petit Peaches from Florida tend to have firmer flesh than these traditional summer varieties. Traditionally, peaches with firmer flesh were reserved for canning, and not as sweet (this is why sugar is usually added to commercial canned peaches).

When you shop peach varieties from Pittman & Davis, you’ll find that the Sweet Petits are just as sweet and juicy as the other varieties, just smaller and with firmer flesh.

In terms of looks, Sweet Petit Peaches are smaller than regular peaches, which make them great for including in a child’s lunchbox (the firmer flesh is helpful here, too – they’re a little less likely to get smushed!). You know that lovely red-and-gold color that’s characteristic of most peach varieties? Sweet Petit Peaches have it too, but they tend to be a lot redder than regular summer peaches. That’s because that red color is caused by sun exposure, so it makes sense that peaches grown in the Sunshine State would have a more pronounced red coloring!

The color of a peach doesn’t affect its flavor, though – unless it’s green, in which case it should be left on the tree for a while longer). Red Sweet Petit Peaches are every bit as sweet and juicy as other peach varieties.

Sweet Petit Peaches Make a Lovely Surprise Gift

Know someone who’s in need of a little summer? Ship peaches from Pittman & Davis to them as a special spring surprise! Sweet Petit Peaches from Pittman & Davis are always perfectly fresh and perfectly sweet, unlike any peaches you’ll find in chain grocery stores. And get some for yourself while you’re at it – they’re healthy, make great gifts, and are delicious ways to take care of your body.

Enjoy early peach season while you can!

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