Fewer Calories in Grapefruit When Fresh

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An endlessly versatile fruit inside and out, the low calories in grapefruit make it a treat for dieters, being approximately thirty-five to fifty calories in grapefruit per serving. It is also great for those simply looking to establish healthy eating habits, or gourmets looking for the next great taste. The red and pink varieties are high in beta carotene, which is important in maintaining eye health and function. They are also a good source of calcium, which helps maintain bone density. Grapefruit also helps lower LDL cholesterol.

Grapefruit is available whole, sectioned and canned or jarred, and in juice form. However, like all agricultural products, exact calorie count, size, and nutrient content can vary from fruit to fruit. The calories in grapefruit in syrup is usually higher.If you must strictly monitor sugar content, consider fresh fruit. There can be as many as one hundred twenty calories in grapefruit juice per serving. Juice is available sweetened and unsweetened- check the ingredient label to ensure the sugar content. Red, pink, and white varieties are all used to produce juice. If you don’t mind some additional sugar but would still like to benefit from consuming grapefruit juice, sweetened juices may be your best bet. A halved or quartered grapefruit can be easily slipped into a sandwich bag for a healthy and affordable afternoon snack or pick-me-up anytime.

Grapefruit varieties vary in terms of color and flavor, from bitter to a mix of tart and sweet. Flesh color can vary from red to pink to white. Outer skin is usually yellow, but some have a pinkish blush. This does not correspond to internal flesh color, so labeling will often indicate the actual variety and flesh color. Texas is known for producing the Ruby Red variation, cultivating it by taking advantage of the occasional pink fruits that naturally appeared, and encouraging these strains to reproduce. The Ruby Red variety is often preferred for juice, being sweeter than its white cousins. The natural sugars of the grapefruit can be enhanced by sprinkling salt on and broiling until the natural sugars caramelize on the surface slightly.

As healthy as grapefruit is, please consult with your physician if you are on any medications. Chemical compounds found naturally in grapefruit can interact negatively with certain medications, causing adverse reactions. Some compounds in grapefruit can modify absorption of some medications, which can improve or limit their effectiveness. Grapefruit eaten in large quantities can also reduce insulin levels, so diabetics should consult with their physician about appropriate serving sizes. However, for the lactose intolerant, the calcium content provides a way to obtain this key nutrient without having to consume dairy or supplements. Whether in juice or whole fruit form, the low number of calories in grapefruit pack a lot of nutritional bang for very little calorie “buck”.

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