Florida Orange Juice

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oranges16.jpgFlorida oranges are delicious enough to be eaten, but the juice is so savory that companies look to them to turn their juice from bland to wow. About 90 percent of all oranges grown in Florida will end up in juices over the year.

One of the main companies that buys there Florida oranges is Florida's Natural which is run through vary co ops and other groups to deliver the best tasting orange juice to as many people as possible. Other companies that use Florida oranges are Tropicana, Simply Orange, and Minute Maid. While Florida's Natural uses only oranges from Florida.

There is often debate on which form juice is the best for consumer. While the ones with Florida oranges certainly taste better, there are other things to take into consideration. While bottled orange juice is quicker to enjoy, a can in the freezer is easier to store for long periods of time and tends to be less expensive. However, the taste of canned orange juice is less potent than the ones you will find in the jugs.

But if you want to enjoy Florida oranges in their best popular manner grab a navel orange. These popular gems from Florida are rich and juicy. Cutting into them you will certainly see the juicy spill from them and they taste great. As you squeeze out the juice of a navel orange you will find there are no seeds, just plenty of juice for you and your family to enjoy. Since it is one of Florida's oranges you know that it will come with great quality and a sweet flavor.

In recent times companies have turned to Florida orange growers to help them offer a greener solution. But how does anything get greener than natural fruit? Well it is simple; many Florida farmers have begun using low carbon footprint fertilizers to help grow the delicious crops. So when you enjoy Florida oranges you are also having something that is delivered to you in an environmentally friendly method. This means our planet isn't as affected by the dangerous impact that previous fertilizers have created.

But the juice of the Florida oranges doesn't change with the new greener approach it is the same delicious fruit you have always know, but presented to you in an earth friendly manner. Next time you are in the store be certain to pick up either a nice glass of orange juice or fresh fruit from the produce department and enjoy.

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