Fruit Baskets Get You Noticed

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Holiday fruit basket

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Fruit baskets make great gifts, but gift baskets containing fruit and other treats can be a nice way to make your gift stand out from other gifts. Especially during the holidays when lots of people receive many different gifts both at work and at home choosing a mixed basket of fruit and other items will show that you put some thought into your gift and that you wanted to give a gift that was versatile as well as delicious. Here are a few of the more common mixed fruit basket types that are available:

Fruit and nuts – Fruit baskets that come with soft packages or tins of different types of nuts, some of them chocolate covered or yogurt covered, are a real crowd pleaser. The combination of the salty sweet nuts and the sweet fruit is a great gift. If you're giving one basket as a family gift or as a corporate gift choosing a gift that accommodate more than one person's taste is a great idea. Just be sure that the person you're giving the gift to isn't allergic to nuts. You can choose several varieties of nuts or choose just one type to accompany the fruit in the basket.

Fruit and baked goods – Specialty baked goods such as cakes, cookies and scones are another popular item that can be packaged with fruit to make a gourmet gift basket. Mixing baked goods and healthy fruit like oranges and grapefruit is a thoughtful way to provide a sweet treat for people who may not be able to eat sugary baked goods, such as people who are Diabetic. Corporate gifts will incorporate baked goods, fruit and nuts in order to have something that everyone in the office can eat.

Baked goods and preserves – A gift basket of muffins or scones, or freshly baked bread with citrus fruit preserves like Clementine jelly or orange marmalade is a great twist on a traditional gift basket. You can add coffee or tea to make a delicious gourmet breakfast gift basket. If you don't want to send prepared muffins, scones, cookies or baked goods look for a gift basket that contains baking mixes that will give the recipient the tools to make a delicious family breakfast anytime they want.

Sending mixed gift baskets of fruit and other items is an easy way to make a gift basket more special and to personalize it to the taste of the person receiving it. While an array of delicious citrus fruit is always a great gift if you want to send something different this year try sending a mixed fruit and gourmet treat basket.

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