Fruit Varieties Available in Spring

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There’s one school of thought that contends that the fruit that is healthiest for you is the fruit that’s in season at the time you eat it. Certainly, the most delicious fruit you eat is almost certainly going to be the fruit that’s in season at the time you eat it!

Citrus fruits begin to come into season in November and (depending on the variety) continue until June. Vibrant citrus fruits come into their peak season in North America during the winter months, bringing a much-needed surge of springtime into both our diets and our spirits.

Some fruit varieties (like Pittman & Davis Tropical Mangoes) aren’t available until springtime. Others (like Pittman & Davis Clementines) actually come into season earlier. Regardless, fresh fruit in season is a great way to symbolically put the gray and gloom of winter aside so you can look forward to sunnier days.

Spring Fruits You Can Enjoy Right Now

Already keeping an eye open for a roadside spring market sign with no luck? Here are just a few fruits you can enjoy right now (and when you order from Pittman & Davis, you won’t even have to wait for a spring market to open):

  • Pittman & Davis Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit. Did you know February is National Grapefruit Month? It may never have occurred to you to send a gift of Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit to your Valentine, but with this gorgeous citrus fruit’s rosy blush and brilliant red interior, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting gift! And you won’t have to worry it will sour your Valentine towards you, either, because this grapefruit variety is famous for its sweetness.
  • Pittman & Davis Navel Oranges. Sweet, seedless and perfect for eating out of hand (or in a salad!) navel oranges are the most common variety of orange that’s eaten. Classified as a “winter orange,” navels are in season from November into June, so you can enjoy them all through the winter and spring. Known for the characteristic navel-looking mark on the non-stem end of the fruit, navel oranges can be mixed with coconut, confectionary sugar and orange juice to make a spring holiday ambrosia.
  • Pittman & Davis Sunburst Tangerines. Tangerines are smaller than oranges, with bright red-orange skins and slightly looser peels than oranges. These fruits are great for eating out of hand and adding to salads, and you can also juice tangerines for a slightly sweeter and brighter take on classic orange juice—which also makes it great for a cocktail, such as a tangerine margarita, which you can enjoy on the patio once the weather has warmed up! The tangerine season is longer than most other citrus fruits, running from November through May.
  • Pittman & Davis Clementines. Clementines are very small, seedless oranges that are much like tangerines in their honey-like sweet flavor. Their small size makes them best eaten out of hand, and makes them fabulous additions to a spring gift basket. The tight, shiny orange skins also make them perfect for displaying and creating casual, edible centerpieces in a spring basket.

Spring Gift Ideas

If you’re on the lookout for spring gift ideas, why not consider spring fruit? Spring gift basket ideas that include fruit are always sure to be a hit…and even better, a gift of fruit is one that can be shared!

When considering gift basket ideas for spring, most people’s minds go right to flowers. But instead of (or even along with) a basket of spring flowers, you might consider a fruit basket instead! You mom is sure to find fresh fruit a pleasant change from the usual flowers, and an Easter basket that contains fruit instead of (or along with) sugary candy is a healthier alternative to an all-chocolate spring gift bag. Ideas for spring gifts that include fruit are creative, beautiful, and always welcome.

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