Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

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You already know the many benefits of providing corporate gifts for clients. But what about your employees – is it worthwhile giving gifts to your valued workers, too?

The Benefits of Remembering Your Employees with Gifts

It’s long been known that happy employees are productive employees, and at a time when good help can be hard to find and even harder to keep, ensuring your employees know you value them is more important than ever. In addition to creating a more attractive workplace, incentive gifts can boost job satisfaction and, thereby, productivity. Plus, good employees want to show their valued employees how much they appreciate them.

The Best Corporate Gifts Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Interesting work, growth potential, good health benefits, competitive salaries and other job perks are what draw employees to your business. Additionally, incentive gifts or marks of thoughtfulness and appreciation at the holidays and other unexpected times (birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries, job referrals or a celebration of a project well done) are the gestures that make your business stand out as a great place to work and promote a family feeling that is so prized in the workplace. The good news for smaller and new businesses is that you don’t have to go with gifts that break the bank in order to accomplish this, either. Luxury corporate gifts (like a weekend spa getaway) are great if you can afford it and the occasion warrants it, as are personalized corporate gifts (like an engraved watch, a traditional retirement gift), but smaller, well-chosen offers can be greatly appreciated, too.

Unique Corporate Gifts that Make Your Workers Feel Valued

It can be harder to choose something everyone will like if you’re gifting all your employees for a special occasion (such as a holiday or company anniversary). This is where giving corporate gift boxes or baskets that contain a selection of several different items can be especially helpful. Such gifts are more likely to contain something your workers will likely, and even better, can be shared with their family and friends, increasing your company’s reputation as a great place to work.

Here are 3 suggestions from Pittman & Davis that are sure to be popular:

  1. In-Season Fruits. There are so many great reasons to give a Pittman & Davis fruit basket as a gift. For one thing, just about everyone loves fruit, shops for fruit regularly, and can enjoy fruit on most any diet. And the fruit you order directly from Pittman & Davis is much better than any fruit you’ll find in chain grocery stores – fresher, higher quality, and carefully chosen so you and your recipients get the best fruits at their peak of ripeness. There’s a reason fruit is always welcome!
  2. Gourmet Food Gifts. Delight your employees by choosing from our selection of sweet and savory options alone or in a collection with our premium fruit offerings! Pittman & Davis gourmet food gifts are perfect for any occasion, and can include anything from decadent desserts and candies to snackable mixes, cheeses, crackers and nuts. When you include our quality smoked meats, you can even make a gift of an entire meal!
  3. Fruit Club Subscriptions. If a single gift of fruit is good, a subscription to one of our monthly fruit clubs is even better! Perfect as a holiday gift, gift subscriptions ensure your thoughtfulness goes further, reminding your workers and their friends and loved ones that you value your people. Your employees will appreciate checking one more thing off the shopping list each month – fresh, perfect fruit appropriate to the season, unlike any they’ll find in stores. They may even get to try something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves!

Remember, employee gift baskets don’t have to feel like thoughtless presents someone else put together. With our unique options, whether they love our popular fruit-and-cheese gift baskets or some of our more gourmet offers, you’re sure to find something that will delight your employees and leave them in no doubt about how much you appreciate them.

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