Gifts for Fruit Lovers

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Fruit gift baskets are filled with amazingly flavorful and nutritious fruits making them a great gift basket for any occasion. The fresh, delicious content of a fruit gift basket makes a wonderful breakfast, dessert, and in-between-meal snack. On top of that, most fruits are sweet and may be used as a healthy substitute for candies, cakes, and other processed snacks that are loaded with artificial ingredients that may threaten our future health.

It is no wonder a lot of people are fruit lovers. They understand that by eating yummy, healthful fruits they have a lower risk of developing heart diseases, have more antioxidants that fight off cancer-causing free radicals, and healthier digestive systems due to the high-fiber content the fruits. Fruit lovers also get to enjoy soft and glowing skin, healthier muscles and bones, and well-hydrated bodies.

Gift of Fruit

As a fruit lover, I worry about the health of the people I care about, and I know you feel the same way. It is high time for us to start sending ourselves and our loved ones delicious gift baskets or gift boxes of fruits.

If you are not sure which gift fruit basket to send, don’t worry, I have listed some wonderful holiday gift baskets or fruits gifts that will delight your recipient’s palate.

  • Half Bushel of Ruby Red Grapefruit/Orange or Mixed Half Bushel of Orange and GrapefruitFor just $44.99, an entire family can get to share and enjoy a packed-to-the-brim gift box containing highly nutritious grapefruits and oranges. The fruits in this fruit gift box are fresh, tree-ripened, tasty, and of the highest quality that you cannot find in stores. This half-bushel bestseller gift box is a sure win for any of your intended recipients.
  • Yuletide TraysWe celebrate Christmas with many traditions. We decorate our homes with lights, displays, and Christmas trees. We also prepare our table with cookies, sweet cakes, meat pies, eggnogs, and other delicacies. To make this Christmas more outstanding and even better than the previous ones, why don’t we send this Yuletide holiday gift basket filled with a variety of assorted Fruits, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Foiled Chocolate candies, and Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate. You can select the large or deluxe gourmet gift basket for your recipient to get additional treats like 4-way nut assortment, Chocolate Popcorn, Orange Bark, Toffee Bark, and Chocolate Truffles.
  • King Comice Pears this simple yet thoughtful gift is perfect for your pear-loving friend or colleague who needs an extra boost of energy during the Christmas season. This fruit box contains large sweet, juicy, and creamy King Comice Pears grown in the Hood River Valley of Oregon. Pears go well with soft or blue cheese varieties.
  • Winter Sweet PetitesSmall but wonderful describes these gift fruit baskets. Each gift box is filled with 6 Ruby Gems, 4 Tiny Tim Navels, 4 baby Comice Pears, and 4 miniature Fuji apples. The fruits may be small in size but their vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits are always welcomed. Winter Sweet Petits gift boxes are a great choice for kids or grandmas and grandpas with smaller appetites.

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