Grapefruit Can Help You Detox Your Body

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grapefruit29.jpgIf you're ready to get healthy the first thing you need to do is detox your body, and grapefruit can help. Before you start a new healthy diet and lifestyle you have to rid your body of all the accumulated toxins like refined sugar and flour, chemical laden food, and drinks like sodas and alcohol. Once your body is rid of those toxins you can start fresh with a new healthy diet and solid exercise regimen to get your body and mind in great shape. When you're detoxing it's important to watch what you eat and drink to make sure that you're only eating consuming foods and beverages that will help you flush out all the toxins. Water is the best thing to drink, or herbal tea. Fresh citrus fruit is one of the best things you can eat to help the cleansing process along, for several reasons:

Grapefruit is full of healthy juice – Grapefruits and other citrus fruits like oranges and juice laden Honeybell tangerines are the ideal food for a detox diet. The sugars in the fruit juice are all natural and are easy for your body to break down for fuel. In addition, the water in the juice will help flush out toxins from every area of your body. The vitamins and minerals that the fruit is packed with will help your body systems start to function more efficiently which will also speed up the cleansing process. The vitamins in grapefruit will also help your cells and body tissue start to repair the damage that years of poor diet has caused. Stick to fresh citrus fruit juice and water or tea during your cleansing period and you will feel better almost immediately.

Grapefruit is full of fiber – Grapefruit is one of the most nutritionally dense foods that exist. That means that you are getting a huge amount of nutrients for every calorie consumed. Some of those nutrients are in the flesh of fruit, which also contains a lot of fiber. Fiber is highly recommended by nutritionists during a body cleanse because it will help you stay full and eat less and it will also help your body remove any solid waste from the colon. Some people find that once they start eating more fiber they can lose anywhere from five to ten pounds almost immediately just by helping their body get rid of any build up solid waste. Eat at least two grapefruits per day during your cleansing period and you will feel better and lose a few pounds too.

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