Health Benefits of Navel Oranges

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oranges14.gifThere are numerous health benefits to navel oranges, and these go beyond just the obvious. The obvious and most well-know benefit of navel oranges is of course Vitamin C. This is arguably the most well-known benefit because navel oranges are a citrus fruit, and every citrus fruit has some kind of Vitamin C content to it. Though the amount of C content can vary amongst all the citrus fruits, the amount in navel oranges is definitely high. But again, this is not the only benefit of navel oranges, just the most obvious.

You may be asking then what the other benefits of navel oranges are. Let us start with fiber. Though oranges (or most fruit) are not the first thing you may think of when you think of navel oranges, there is actually quite a high fiber content, depending on how and what part of the navel oranges you choose to eat. Eating as much of the inner skin that surrounds each segment of your navel oranges will increase the amount of dietary fiber you get from consuming navel oranges. Just eating the fruity part or drinking orange juice (preferably with pulp) will still get you some fiber, jut not nearly as much.

Another great health benefit of navel oranges is beta carotene. This is an antioxidant that helps prevent and repair cell damage. This cell damage can be due to any number of things like illness or free radicals, which are everywhere and which the body also naturally produces free radicals as a byproduct of digestion. Getting rid of these using the beta carotene in navel oranges can greatly improve your health and vitality.

Calcium is another benefit of navel oranges that you may not have thought of. Often, you can find calcium-enhanced juices in the dairy case, but many times if you eat a varied diet and consume navel oranges, you may not need that extra calcium. The rest is simply extra that will go unprocessed by your body.

Most dieticians will tell you that it is better to get these vitamins and minerals out of your food rather than a pill. And since navel oranges are low in calories, fat and cholesterol free and high in fiber and other nutrients, it is a good way to get your daily dosage of these things. It is also juicy and delicious, and available all through the winter. What is better than a sweet and delicious citrus fruit like navel oranges to get you through the chilly fall and icy winter? They will remind you of spring and summer even as the snow outside is gathering. Indeed, navel oranges can make you appreciate the sun of spring and heat of summer that much more when they return.

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