Help Relieve Pregnancy Related Discomforts – Ship Grapefruit to A Pregnant Friend Today

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grapefruit31.jpgPregnancy can be both enjoyable and uncomfortable for most women. During the first three months of pregnancy, a lot of women feel tired, nauseous and irritable. As the baby's due date approaches, most women suffer a lot of discomforts ranging from indigestion, constipation, swelling of the feet, acid reflux, and insomnia. If you have a friend who is in the first or last three months of pregnancy, you should ship grapefruit to her to help ease her discomfort.

How can grapefruit ease discomforts on pregnant women? There are a number of ways that this citrus fruit can make life easier for the expectant mother. During the first three months of pregnancy, grapefruit can help expectant mothers fight of pregnancy related morning sickness. The sweet-sour taste of the ruby red grapefruit can help ward off waves of nausea while the fiber content of the fruit can help settle the stomach. If your friend complains of morning sickness, try to ship grapefruit juice to her and ask her to drink a glass together with light breakfast.

Grapefruit contains plenty of infection fighting Vitamin C so when you ship grapefruit to a fiend who is pregnant, you help her ward off common colds, sore throat and other common infections. Aside from vitamin C, this type of citrus fruit also contains plenty of vitamin B complex which can help prevent anemia. If your friend is having problems with her red blood cells, it will help a lot if you ship grapefruit to her regularly. You may ship grapefruit to her in canned or frozen form if you cannot find the fresh ruby red variety in the supermarket.

As expectant women enter into the last three months of pregnancy, many of them will experience indigestion and constipation. Coupled with hemorrhoids or enlargement of the veins around the rectal area and fluid retention, indigestion and constipation can make life almost unbearable for some pregnant women. Indigestion and constipation can make pregnancy really difficult for many women so before your friend starts to feel really miserable, ship grapefruit to her. The pulp of fresh grapefruit is rich in fiber that can help facilitate normal bowel movements.

Aside from indigestion and constipation, a lot of women suffer from hyperacidity and acid reflux during the last three months of pregnancy. Note that as the baby grows inside the womb, the woman's stomach can get crowded and stomach acid can escape back into the esophagus. To help your friend cope with acidity and acid reflux, you should ship grapefruit juice to her. Grapefruit juice can help neutralize stomach acid so your pregnancy friend does not have to feel so miserable. Moreover, grapefruit juice can help fight off insomnia so when you ship grapefruit to your friend, you also help her get that much needed rest.

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