Honeybell Season is Here!

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honeybell season is here

Great news…it’s January, and that means Honeybells are here! Luscious, delicious, juicy Honeybell oranges, the orange-lovers orange (even though there’s no orange in them at all). If you can’t find them in the stores, not to worry – you can order Honeybell oranges directly from Pittman & Davis (and you should, because ours are the best!).

Wait…you’ve never tasted a Honeybell orange? Oh, boy…are you ever in for a treat! Take a look at our Honeybell Q&A to see why:

  1. What are Honeybells?
  2. Honeybell fruit (also known as Honeybell tangelos or Minneola Tangelos) are a citrus hybrid created by crossing a Darcy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit. The Honeybell Tangelo gets its sweetness and easy-to-peel skin from the tangerine, plus a touch of tartness from the grapefruit for a tangy-sweet flavor that’s irresistible.
  1. Why are they called “Honeybells?”
  2. Their sweet-and-tangy taste isn’t all that makes the Honeybell unique. This fist-sized citrus fruit is very juicy with a loose, thin, bright red-orange skin that’s easy to remove (more so than most orange varieties). But what really makes it stand out is its shape – Honeybells get their name from the neck on the stem-end of the fruit which gives them a distinctly bell-like shape.
  1. Where do Honeybells come from?
  2. A relatively new citrus fruit, Honeybells were released by the USDA Horticulture Research Station in Orlando in 1931.

Honeybell trees grow best in the warm, humid climate of Florida. They’ve quickly become the most popular of the tangelo varieties.

  1. What’s the best way to enjoy a Honeybell Orange?
  2. Probably the best way to enjoy a Honeybell Tangelo is to eat it fresh out of hand as a tasty, nutritious snack, but they’re also wonderful in many dishes, from salads to drinks to desserts. Honeybells can also be enjoyed grilled or used in marinades. You can also juice them for a particularly tasty breakfast beverage!
  1. I’d love to try some, but I can’t find them at my local grocery store. Where can I find Honeybells?
  2. Here’s more great news – you can buy Honeybell oranges online at Pittman & Davis! Our Honeybells are always juicy, delicious, and perfectly ripe because we pick them at their peak of freshness. But their season is short (just six-to-eight weeks) and their crop size can be unpredictable, so don’t wait or place your order!
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