How much grapefruit should you eat in a day?

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Citrus encompasses a wide range of fruit, from the popular oranges known for their juice or eating out of hand, to lemons and limes used in all sorts of culinary recipes. But one citrus fruit, the grapefruit, has received much attention due to its many health benefits. Modern grapefruit are sweeter and less acidic than their ancestors. Be it the red grapefruit, white grapefruit or yellow grapefruit variety, they are all delicious and healthy in their own right.

If you are asking which grapefruit is sweeter, the typical answer you would get is the Texas ruby red grapefruit, but there is also Oro Blanco – a white grapefruit – that promises a really sweet taste and enjoyable flavor.

Health Benefits

  • Promotes weight loss – grapefruits are 92% water, high in nutrients and fiber, and contains very few calories (about 39 calories in half a serving) so they make you feel hydrated and satiated, thus you eat less.
  • Reduce heart risks – a study made in 2006 notated in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry indicates that grapefruits may help reduce bad “LDL” cholesterol levels by 15.5%. In the study, 57 patients were checked and those who ate grapefruits, especially the ruby red grapefruit, had a drop in bad cholesterol levels, while those who did not eat grapefruits remained the same. Furthermore, data from other research showed that it may lowers systolic blood pressure by 5 points, not a huge margin, but progress nonetheless, especially to those with hypertension.
  • Color matters – it is given that grapefruits are wonderful citrus fruits that are healthful and packed with nutrients, but did you know that the red and pink grapefruit varieties come with a little extra? According to Wesley Delbridge, RD, located in Phoenix, Arizona, the red and pink grapefruits contain higher antioxidant levels, thus a higher chance to fight against cancer and other illnesses.
  • Control blood sugar – due to its high water content, grapefruits are one of those awesome fruits with a low glycemic index, only around 25, so it doesn’t cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly unlike food with a high glycemic index.
  • Prevent cancer – a study done in Japan found that people who regularly eat citrus fruits, including grapefruits, had a lower risk of developing cancer compared to those who do not eat citrus fruits. The authors deduced that the compounds in the citrus fruits, including that of the sweet grapefruit, help reduce inflammation and stop cancer cells from developing and multiplying.

The question…

Now let us go back to the main question: how much grapefruit should you eat in a day? Well as the saying goes everything should be done in moderation as excess may cause more pain than pleasure. Given that you are not taking any medication that does not interact with grapefruit enzymes, consuming ½ serving of Texas grapefruit a day which would give you 52 calories, 2g of dietary fiber, and huge amounts of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and lycopene is sufficient.

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