How to Get Grapefruit Pectin Into Your Diet

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grapefruit15.jpgThere are a lot of ways for the average person to get more grapefruit pectin into your diet. There is the actual grapefruit itself, pills and even powders that can give you a daily boost of grapefruit pectin. Of course, before you decide to get more grapefruit pectin into your diet each day, it is important to know exactly why you should.

Grapefruit pectin is a type of soluble fiber that is only found in grapefruit. Now, there are plenty of other soluble fibers out there that you can add to your diet, and they all do great things for your body. However, the ways of getting those types of fiber into your diet – whole wheat foods and fiber supplements, for instance–are not usually tasty or cost effective for many. This is why grapefruit pectin is a great way to get fiber along with a whole host of other great healthy benefits into your daily meals.

There really are more ways than one to get grapefruit pectin into your diet. Of course, professionals always prefer to get your vitamins and minerals in the form of food, so eating grapefruits is by far the best (not to mention tastiest!) way to get grapefruit pectin into your everyday diet. You should try to eat at least half a grapefruit a day, and include the thin skin found around each segment (not the peel or white pithy stuff attached to the peel). If you absolutely can not eat the membrane surrounding the segments but still want to get lots of grapefruit pectin into your diet, you can just eat the juicy fleshy part of each grapefruit, without the skin. You will still get plenty of grapefruit pectin in your body, just not as much as if you at the whole piece, skin and all.

There are also pills and powders sold over the counter. Most dieticians or nutritionists will try to get you to eat actual food to get your daily dose of grapefruit pectin though, instead of these supplements. That is because of all the other health benefits of grapefruit pectin. If you do not want to eat just grapefruit, you can try adding it to recipes. Almost any recipe that calls for lemons, limes or other citrus fruit can have grapefruit substituted without changing the overall taste of the food.

You can also try broadening your horizons when trying to get more grapefruit pectin into your diet. Try adding it to sweets, marinades and even salad dressings. Instead of a squeeze of lemon or lime in your glass of water, try a squeeze of grapefruit then eat the rest of the slice to get even more grapefruit pectin into your system

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