How to Store Texas Grapefruit

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The proper way to store Texas grapefruit to keep it at the peak of taste largely depends on how quickly you plan to eat or use the fruit. Try to plan ahead, and know how long it will be after purchase before the Texas grapefruit is consumed. If you plan to buy in bulk because it is cheaper, then your best bet is to store some for quick use and the rest for future use.

If you plan on using the Texas grapefruit right away or with a couple of days of purchase, then it is perfectly acceptable to store them at room temperature, just like you likely bought them. Make sure they are not stacked so much that a few of the Texas grapefruits at the bottom will get bruised. The fruit is delicate and bruises on your Texas grapefruit can change the taste and texture and maybe even render them inedible.

If your plans for your Texas grapefruit are a few days into the future, then the proper way to store them is very different. In this case, you should store them in the fridge. Make sure the outside is dry and carefully place them in a bag or bowl and in the fridge. If you have a crisper drawer, this is the best because it will help keep your Texas grapefruit fresher for longer, sometimes for as long as eight weeks after you initially chill them.

If you are going to store them for several weeks in the fridge, some people like to use the special produce bags that you may have seen advertised on television. These bags do extend the life of your produce, but may not be necessary when it comes to Texas grapefruit. This is because Texas grapefruit has a very thick outer peel that protects the flesh from rotting much longer than say peaches or strawberries that are very perishables due in part to their thin skin.

Another reason these special produce bags may not be necessary for storage of Texas grapefruit is because if you are going to store them for more than a few weeks, it may be best to put them in the freezer. If you store the peeled segments in a freezer safe bag or container, they will keep their freshness and sweetness. Of course, be sure not to store your Texas grapefruit for so long that they get freezer burn.

Of course, you can use the special produce bags for Texas grapefruit if you like. It all depends on your plans to use them. Proper care and storage of your Texas grapefruit will result in retention of their sweet taste that is unlike any other grapefruit sold or grown anywhere in the US.

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