Include Citrus Gifts at Your Corporate Event

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When planning for a successful corporate event there are always many challenges. One of these is coming up with exciting and unique items to include in the gift that will be handed out at the affair. One of the all time favorites is a box or basket of all things citrus. Beautiful Texas Navel Oranges and Ruby Red grapefruit are exceptional choices for citrus gift baskets that may be also filled with gourmet treats.

There are many companies that offer shipping services, allowing anyone to choose from a variety of gifts and place an order from the comfort of the office environment. Some reputable companies even offer free shipping. So, instead of handing out the same thing or stressing over the planning, opt for a beautiful and healthful choice. Responsible corporations enjoy giving nutritious and healthy snacks that would surprise and make your colleagues smile. Their families would also enjoy them when coming back home from the event with a basket of fine citrus fruit.

Bright and juicy Navel Oranges are fun to peel. They smell so great; one can hardly wait to taste them. Best of all, oranges are packed with vitamin C. The orange is the most popular fruit in the world. It was first cultivated in China around 2,500 B.C. Grapefruit was first spotted on the Island of Barbados in 1750. It came to America a few decades later, where it was deemed too sour for public consumption. However, it quickly became an essential breakfast fruit when its name was linked to a popular diet fad–the Grapefruit Diet. The Ruby Red variety is a wonderful hybrid, which developed naturally from pink grapefruit in Texas.

Oranges and grapefruits make a great combination for a gift basket, having bright yellow and bright orange colors decorated with a big red bow and decadent treats. It is also nice to note that citrus is great for corporate holiday celebrations and an excellent alternative for fundraising efforts. For example, sell raffle tickets for chances to guess the exact number of fruits in a big, beautiful, pyramid-shaped display. If more than one guesses the correct number, they share the prize.

People want a healthy lifestyle and when corporations give citrus as gifts, they show their understanding of this trend. The nice thing about gift-quality citrus is fruits are hand-selected from the very best. This is not the same kind of lower grade fruit found in any grocery store. That's what makes them exceptional. They look better, smell better, and with one taste the excellence becomes obvious.

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