Is Grapefruit Good For You?

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If you are a fruit lover, then it is likely that you have had your share of the sweet, tangy, refreshingly bitter, juicy grapefruit. They are often available year round but the best ones (specifically the Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit) are available from December until February.

The combination of flavor, convenience, wide range of seasonal availability, and a reported nutritional value has caused the grapefruit to become one of the most popular citrus varieties available. Since the health benefits of grapefruit are so often discussed on television shows, cooking channels, and in various cook books and recipes, many may ask the question: Is grapefruit really good for you?

Grapefruit Varieties

Now before we go in depth with the health benefits of grapefruits, let us first look at some of the varieties we can choose from, and which of those varieties are the sweetest.

  • White Grapefruit – The White or yellow grapefruit variety is grown mostly in the sunshine state of Florida. White grapefruits are generally known to be somewhat bitter and highly acidic but boast an intense, vibrant aroma. It is the least sweet variety with the exception of Oro Blanco or White Gold, which is a cross between a white grapefruit and pomelo. Oro Blanco has sweet flesh with very little bitterness if any.
  • Pink Grapefruit – Pink grapefruits are exceptionally juicy and palatable compared to their white grapefruit counterpart. The pink grapefruit variety is tasty and has the right balance of sweetness and tartness. It falls between the red and white when it comes to color and flavor.
  • Red Grapefruit – if you are looking for a really sweet grapefruit then you should get the famous Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. Compared to the white and pink cultivars available in the market, the red varieties are the sweetest, juiciest, and most palatable.

Health Benefits

As for the health benefit question, it is indeed true that grapefruits are packed with nutrients and have numerous health benefits.

  • Weight loss – Grapefruit consists of 91.6 percent water and have a high amount of dietary fiber. It is also low in calories (52 calories every half portion of a medium-sized fruit). It promotes fullness, which translates to eating less, which leads to a reduced calorie intake.
  • Boost Immune System – Like other citrus fruits, grapefruits are rich in vitamins A, B, and C, which are all known for their antioxidant properties that can ward off diseases, fight off bacteria, and reduce the strength of some viruses. Grapefruit also contains zinc, iron, and copper that promote proper function of the immune system. They also help in maintaining the consistency and integrity of our skin, which is our first line of defense or protective barrier against infection.
  • Other health benefits include prevention of insulin resistance that may reduce the development of diabetes, improve heart health, and reduce risk of developing kidney stones.

Overall, grapefruit is an often available citrus that comes in a wide choice of varieties and a range of flavors. All grapefruits have dense nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is a fruit that is not only delicious, but good for you as well.

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