Navel Oranges: Filled with Immune Boosting Vitamin C

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We have to stay healthy, now more than ever, as the COVID-19 flu virus infects millions of people around the world causing devastation to all nations without prejudice, killing young and old alike, spreading to poor and rich in the same numbers.

There are several preventive measures we can take to protect ourselves from contracting viruses and other pathogens including constant proper hand washing, avoiding contact with infected people, and good personal hygiene. Also, we can eat nutritious foods like Navel Oranges to boost our immune system and influence our susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Vitamin C in Navels

Navels are winter-season oranges that are amazingly sweet, juicy, and utterly delicious. Besides being yummy, Navel Oranges are also packed with body-building nutrients that promote good health, and immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals that help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses inside the body.

One of the most notable nutrients found in sweet Navel Oranges is vitamin C, which can boost the immune system because of its property to help increase the production of white blood cells and improve their function to fight off infections. A single serving of a medium-sized Washington Navel Orange contains 70mg of vitamin C, which is 90 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C for adults. On the other hand, a large Navel Orange or a Cara Cara Red Navel can provide 100 percent of the recommended value.

The vitamin C in Navel Oranges also keeps the skin healthy enabling it to be a strong barrier that can stop pathogens from entering the body. Furthermore, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges and neutralizes cancer-causing free radicals and at the same time prevents DNA mutations from taking place.

Navel Orange Varieties 

Of the navel family, the best Navel Oranges are the rich and juicy Washington Navel, medium-to-large Skaggs Bonanza Navel fruit, the juicy Fukumoto sweet Navel Orange, and the distinctive Cara Cara red Navel Orange. The Navel Orange season starts in October and ends in February. November to January is the peak Navel Orange season.

  • Washington Navel is a cutting that came from the original Navel Orange tree that grew in an orchard of a monastery in Brazil. The typical Washington Navel Orange size is medium to large that boasts of rich flavor, sweet taste and less acidic than other oranges.
  • Fukumoto is a juicy and sweet Navel variety with reddish-orange skin. It is a medium-sized orange that ripens a week ahead of the Washington Navel variety.
  • Skaggs Bonanza is a sweet, moderately juicy, large Navel fruit that is available 2 weeks earlier than Washington Navel.
  • Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges are flavorful pink-fleshed Navels that are available from fall to winter. These red Navels are extremely sweet, mildly acidic, and have a flavor that is reminiscent of raspberries.

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