Nutritional Facts about Grapefruit including Side Effects

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grapefruit8.jpgIn spite of its nutritional value, you will discover some existent negativity among the nutritional facts about grapefruit. During the process of obtaining nutritional facts about grapefruit do not neglect to find out both the positive and the negative or you may harm rather than help your help. There are some people who are unable to consume grapefruit because of medications they are taking or other health conditions that may prohibit them from eating grapefruit or drinking the juice. In spite of the positive nutritional facts about grapefruit, you must look at your own situation before you determine if adding grapefruit to your diet is the right choice.

A research into the nutritional facts about grapefruit will provide some insight into some of the side effects that may develop with certain medications. Statins (medications for lowering cholesterol) are one of the most common medications that can interact negatively with grapefruit. Doctors and pharmacists advise patients who are taking these medications to avoid the consumption of grapefruit or any food containing grapefruit. The problem is grapefruit juice can prevent the drugs from metabolizing thus causing some serious side effects. This happens because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids or furanocoumarin compounds which can cause these enzymes to become blocked in the intestines thus preventing the body from breaking down and absorbing many medications.

Another thing important to note when you are searching nutritional facts about grapefruit is its acidic content. Those who have stomach problems such as ulcers will have a problem with grapefruit and may be unable to drink the juice. On the positive side, its natural fat burning properties are good for anyone wanting to lose weight and can help a diabetic control their blood glucose level. Of course, if you are a diabetic who is being treated for high cholesterol, it is essential to ascertain whether your medication will cause adverse reactions.

It is important to weight the nutritional facts of grapefruit against any negative factors that may pertain to your individual health issues. No matter how good grapefruit may be as a fat burner or cancer preventative, that is of little value if you are going to live your life suffering from side effects every time you consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice. No citrus fruit including grapefruit is going to improve your health if your body is unable to tolerate it because of health conditions or drug interactions.

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