Order Your Honeybell Oranges Early

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Honeybell oranges are the “belle of the ball” in the world of citrus. When they are in season and available, they command the attention of avid citrus lovers with their honey-sweet taste and refreshing juice that makes other citrus fruits pale in comparison.

But why are these bell-shaped fruits prized and what makes them so special?


Honeybells oranges are pampered Minneola tangelos, a hybrid between Darcy tangerine and Duncan grapefruit, generally grown along the Indian River in Florida. However, unlike the regular Minneola tangelos, the Honeybell orange is handled with extreme care enabling it to grow bigger and juicier making it the darling of the premium fruit-basket industry.

Premium Oranges

Honeybells are considered premium gourmet oranges because of many reasons and fans order these red-orange colored fruits months in advance just so they can have a small taste of citrus heaven.

  • Taste – The Honeybell fruit is popular mainly because of its honey-sweet taste that is so much sweeter than even tangerines and has richer and more intense flavor than other oranges.
  • Juicy – The typical size of Honeybell fruits is that of a man’s fist, or around 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter, with a distinct bulge at the stem end giving them their bell appearance. What makes them even better is that although they are already big they also weigh more than a half-pound and contain more juice than pulp so it is not unusual for a citrus company to include a bib when shipping out Honeybell tangerines. With just a single fruit you can make a full glass of orange juice.
  • Delicate Fruit – Texas Honeybell oranges are delicate fruits that require utmost care. The skin is easily ripped so they need to be hand-clipped during harvesting and hand-packed before shipping. This also makes them very easy to peel.
  • Limited Availability – Honeybell tangelo season is very short – some strains are available for shipping in late December but the majority reach their peak ripeness in January. What’s more, the honeybell fruit crop size is unpredictable each year and most are already pre-ordered so getting your hands on a few of them once the harvest season begins is next to impossible.
  • Nutritious – Sweet treats mostly come in the shape of candies, cakes, and sugary food – but not Texas Honeybells. They are naturally sweet, refreshing and packed with nutrients good for the body. They contain Vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, potassium, and calcium.

Buy Honeybell oranges now and know the difference of eating regular oranges from eating premium Honeybell oranges. You might be out of luck in finding Honeybells from grocery stores but you can order Honeybell oranges online from reputable farms. Honeybell free shipping is part of the package so you don’t have to pay extra for shipping and handling when you buy Honeybells.

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