Perks of Ruby Red Grapefruit

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grapefruit26.jpgThe nutritional properties of ruby red grapefruit are vast. It is becoming more and more popularly used by alternative medicine practitioners in the United States of America and around the world. Because the United States of America is the largest producer of ruby red grapefruit, it is easy to find the fruit in your produce market, ruby red grapefruit juice in your grocer's refrigerator section and the essential oils of grapefruit in your local health store.

Ruby red grapefruit is used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce muscle stiffness and reduce headaches. It is also great for jet-lag related ailments. It is also used as an anti-infection medicine as one serving of this tangy and refreshing fruit packs in over 75% of your daily recommend Vitamin C. Therefore it is a great snack for helping battle the common cold or the flu. Diets such as 'The Grapefruit Diet” exploit the anti-septic and detoxifying characteristics of this fruit. Known to reduce water retention and aid in weight loss it is not only is ruby red grapefruit and its less colorful cousins great for your immune and muscular systems, it is also a great weight control food.

Less commonly known are its anti-septic and anti-depressant qualities. Red grapefruit essential oil extract is commonly found in skin-toners and natural acne treatment products. It is said to help combat oily skin. Although not proven, it is also used to treat cellulite. It is also commonly used as an all natural disinfectant for cleaning. If you mix some of this pure juice with a little bit of vinegar, it is a great alternative cleaning product for your home that smell delicious and is non-toxic. This is a great alternative for those with children and sensitivities to chemical exposure. Not only will your home be clean, it will leave the aromatherapy qualities that will help rejuvenate and relax anyone who enters your home.

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