Powerhouse Fruit- Fewer Calories in Grapefruit, But Lots of Flavor

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grapefruit14.jpgThe low amount of calories in grapefruit mean that it can be used in recipes without ruining your diet. From dinner salads with prawns or avocado, fruit salads with raspberries or apples, grapefruit adds flavor without fat. A simple salad with greens and mango or carrot will fit within anyone's diet. Milder fish like tilapia may be overwhelmed by the strong flavor, but fish like salmon respond to grapefruit beautifully. The sweeter varieties can be used in desserts or with more bitter greens like endive, but less sweet varieties should be paired with a butterhead lettuce like Bibb or corn lettuce. However, a sweet fruit or creamy salad dressing can bring together grapefruit with bitter or peppery greens.

Grapefruit is a citrus, and as such, plays well with other citrus fruits and can sometimes substitute for them in recipes. Try a citrus punch with lemon, orange, lime, or use grapefruit zest instead of lemon or orange in recipes. Layer grapefruit sections with low-fat sweetened yogurt, and other fruits for a low-calorie dessert..Add a touch of grapefruit zest to a barbecue sauce, dry rub or gremolata in addition to or instead of lemon zest. Gremolata is a mix of garlic, basil, and citrus zest. The calories in grapefruit zest and herbs are negligible, and is excellent on lamb, veal, beef, and vegetable dishes. Asparagus in a light grapefruit juice sauce and topped with gremolata is would be a refreshing and low calorie side dish. Herbs like sage and rosemary pair well with zest for dry rubs and mixed seasonings. Carrot, celeriac or parsnip medallions also benefit from grapefruit juice reduced to a glaze. Grapefruit also makes an excellent flavor for sorbets, granitas, ices or gelatoes, and pairs well with chocolate for a chocolate cookie or cake filled with jam, marmalade, or curd. Grapefruit juice and peel can be made into a syrup to flavor sodas made with seltzer water or pour over ice cream for an exotic treat.

Infused vinegars are hot in culinary circles, and grapefruit zest is ideal for infusing in vinegar. The infused vinegar can serve as a sweet or savory pickling solution. The infused vinegar and zest would pair well with pear, strawberry mango or other citrus for dessert pickles, or rosemary, garlic and cauliflower for a savory pickle. Infused vinegars are also good in marinades, or any place where you want a low-calorie flavor punch. Essential oils can also be used in cooking, with great care. A few drops of essential oil in a cake recipe will bring a refreshing note of citrus that differs from lemon or orange. Candied grapefruit peel is available commercially, and is a colorful and delicious topping for cakes or ice cream. The tiny number of calories in grapefruit peel make it possible for even the strictest dieters to indulge.

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