Pittman & Davis Duck Salad with Grapefruit

Pittman & Davis
pittman davis duck grapefruit

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Rich, moist duck breast pairs effortlessly with caramelized beets and tart grapefruit to make a sophisticated salad perfect for lunch, a light dinner, or even Sunday brunch. The herbed sauce finishes this succulent salad with style and, like the rest of this dish, is surprisingly easy to make.

Preparation is the key to success for this amazing Duck Salad with Grapefruit. Gather the ingredients and prep the amounts, and you will find the process smooth and the results a triumph. This recipe makes four servings, takes about 30 minutes to prep, and just over an hour to cook and assemble. Enjoy.


2 Boneless Duck Breasts, rinsed and patted dry
2 medium Red Beets
2 medium Yellow/Golden Beets
2 Tbs Olive Oil
Extra Olive Oil for Drizzle
3 medium or 2 large Grapefruits
1 Clove Garlic
½ Cup Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped
½ Cup Fresh Parsley, chopped
½ Cup mixed Microgreens
1 Tbs Toasted Coriander Seeds
Salt and Pepper


Preheat oven to 425ºF. Peel beets, cut into ½-inch thick wedges, and toss with the 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper and toss again. Place beets on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and cover with foil. Roast in oven until browned (about 45 minutes). Uncover the beets, flip them over, and roast for about 7 to 10 minutes more, until browned on both sides.

While beets are cooking, peel grapefruits and remove pith carefully using a pairing knife. Using the knife, and working over a bowl to capture the juice, cut between the grapefruit membranes to remove each section. Remove any seeds and squeeze the juices from any remaining pulp into the bowl.

Toast coriander seeds in a dry skillet over medium heat until just browned, tossing often. Crush the garlic and add to a medium sized bowl. Add ¼ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon pepper, parsley, mint, and toasted coriander seeds, and smash all together using the back of a heavy spoon.

Score the duck breasts by cutting several crossing slits through the skin and fat, but not into the flesh. Season both sides of each breast with salt and pepper, then place them in a cold, ovenproof non-stick skillet with the skin sides down. Cook on stovetop over medium heat for 10 minutes, until the skin is browned and crisp.

Flip duck breasts, pour off excess duck fat, and place in oven skin-side up. Cook until 135ºF at thickest part when tested with a probe thermometer. This should only take about 5 to 8 minutes. Spread the herb mixture on a cutting board and transfer cooked duck breasts to the cutting board, on top of the herb mixture, and let stand.

In a bowl, toss together the cooked beets, grapefruit, and 2 tablespoons of the grapefruit juice. Add a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. Slice the duck breasts on top of the herbs. Transfer the beet mixture to a serving platter, top with the sliced duck, and top with the juicy herbs from the cutting board. Add microgreens as a final topping, serve, and savor.


You can also use Oranges in place of Grapefruit for a sweeter version.

Substitute spring salad mix for microgreens if needed.

Substitue cayenne pepper for black pepper for added spice.

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