Sending Fruit as a Business Gift

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In this day and age when people are becoming more and more health conscious there is no better way to promote health and wellness than giving delicious and nutritious fruit gift boxes or gift baskets as a business gift.

When you send beautifully and elegantly arranged premium fruit like Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit mixed with navel oranges and other luscious citrus fruits as a corporate gift you can build great business relationships and impress your existing and potential clients.

Aside from sending unique fruit gifts to your clients you can also show your appreciation or thanks to an employee, congratulate a colleague or welcome a new associate by sending them superior fresh-from-the-farm, hand-picked citrus fruit that is pleasing to eye and brings warmth to the heart.

Business Gift Ideas

  • Fruit Gifts – Send a generous gift basket or gift box with an assortment of crunchy Red Delicious Apples, tree-ripened Ruby Red Grapefruit, sweet navel oranges and succulent Comice Pears to make the recipient feel great and recognized for their importance to you.
  • Monthly Fruit ClubsIn the office you always hold meetings to discuss new business ventures, to improve sales or customer service and other reasons. During the meetings serve refreshing fruit that sets a professional mood and gets your artistic and creative juices flowing. (No pun intended) Each month give everyone a taste of seasonal gourmet fruit that include:
  1. January: Minneola Tangelos
  2. February: Cara Cara Oranges
  3. March: Honey Mandarins
  4. April: Ruby Red Grapefruit
  5. May: Navel Oranges
  6. June: Tropical Mangoes
  7. July: Pineapples
  8. August: Kent Mangoes
  9. September: Bartlett Pears
  10. October: Fuji Apples
  11. November: Comice Pears
  12. December: Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Gourmet Food GiftsBe it a small or big company event make sure that everyone has an option to enjoy delicious yet healthy food. You can order decadent Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cakes, Yellow Rose Lemon Cakes, Traditional Fruit Cake, Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cake or Almond, Cashew & Nut tarts. You can pair that up with slices of citrus fruit and premium nuts on the side to make it a delightful serving plate.
  • Nut GiftsKnow of an associate that is “nuts” about his job? Go ahead and treat him or her with a bag of premium nuts like premium pistachios or premium almonds. You can also send a box of heavenly tasting butter toffee mixed nuts, honey roasted peanuts covered in sugar, milk chocolate covered nuts or an antioxidant trail mix that includes raisins, berries, almonds, pistachio kernels and exotic dark chocolate pomegranate arils. If you are on a budget don’t worry because there are free shipping nut if you need to send these nut goodies to as business gifts to all your employees or specific cl

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