Storage and Ways to Eat Grapefruit

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It happens – you buy some lovely looking fruit (maybe on an impulse), eat one or two servings, and then forget about it. Maybe the bag got pushed to the back of the crisper – regardless, you finally remember, go looking, and find a back of moldy, uneatable fruit. And you’re annoyed with yourself, both for wasting money and wasting food. You may even decide to skip buying fresh fruit because of this.

Grapefruit is delicious, refreshing, and packed with nutrients, so don’t cut it out of your diet just because you don’t know how to store (or use) it! By storing grapefruit and other citrus fruit properly, they’ll last for quite awhile without going “off” – much longer than other fruits, in fact.

Ways to Store Grapefruit

  1. Start fresh. To avoid spoilage, it’s always best to start with good, healthy fruit. Select firm grapefruit that feels weighty and has smooth, thin skin. Avoid grapefruit with dents or soft spots in them (such blemishes can be a sign that the fruit has been damaged in some way or is beginning to go off because it has been out too long). Grapefruit that is not firm may already be going bad on the inside, so give the fruit a light squeeze before putting it in your shopping cart.
  • Tip: When you purchase your grapefruit from Pittman & Davis, your fruit will still be on the tree at the time you place your order, and if you’re not absolutely delighted with it, we’ll make it right.
  1. Store grapefruit in the fridge. It’s true that grapefruit and other citrus fruits are always juicier when they’re at room temperature, so you may be tempted to store your fruit on the countertop. But unless you’re planning to eat it within a week from purchasing it, it’s best to store grapefruit in the refrigerator. And here’s the good news: grapefruit stored in the fridge can last up to six weeks!
  • Tip: Before storing grapefruit in the fridge, dry it off carefully (moisture will make it not last as long), put it in a plastic bag, then in your fridge’s crisper.
  1. Eat it up! While grapefruit can last for over a month while refrigerated, it’s still best to use it up within two weeks. That can be a problem if you got carried away while you were at the store, or received a gift basket containing more grapefruit than you can possibly eat! Or can it? There are more ways to eat grapefruit than just slicing it in half for breakfast! Grapefruit works in many recipes, from sweet to savory. If you have more grapefruit than you feel you can eat out of hand before it goes off, do some surfing online to find new ways to eat grapefruit you may never have thought of.
  1. Freeze it. Prepared and stored properly, grapefruit can last in the freezer for up to a month (longer than that and it’s likely to become freezer burned and lose its flavor). Peel the grapefruit and remove as much of the white pith as possible, then place it in freezer bags before you put it in the freezer.
  • Tip: Frozen grapefruit can be used to make smoothies, sorbets and cocktails! Check out the Pittman & Davis Blog for recipes.
  1. Share it. If you still don’t think you can use up all that wonderful grapefruit, share the love! Grapefruit and other fruits make excellent gifts (as we at Pittman & Davis have reason to know!), and your friends, co-workers and extended family members will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Tip. If your grapefruit came from Pittman & Davis, there’s an excellent chance you won’t want to share it! That’s okay…send those you love their own gift boxes or gift baskets of Pittman & Davis Ruby Red Grapefruit. It’s sure to be a hit!
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