• Why are Apples Linked to the Holidays?

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    Oranges are most likely to come to mind first when we think of Christmas fruit – the winter citrus is a traditional addition to hanging stockings. But gourmet apples make a regular appearance in Christmas gift baskets, and no wonder – in some parts of the world, apples have long been an integral part of holiday festivities. Here’s how: Apples as Decorations Decorating evergreens pre-dates Christmas, when people found whatever they could to bring color to festivals taking place during the dreary winter months. Easy ways to do this included decorating evergreen trees, wreaths and hangings with candles, fruits and…

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  • How Tamales Became a Holiday Tradition

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    Among our customer Christmas Favorites at Pittman & Davis are our top-rated spicy Tamales! Does that surprise you? It won’t once you taste them – this savory best-seller is made with premium and falling-apart tender pork, beef and chicken, redolent with fresh Mexican spices and surrounded by a thin, moist…

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  • 5 Occasions to Give a Fruit Basket

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    For a unique, creative, gift, send a fresh fruit gift basket from Pittman & Davis. Fresh fruit gift baskets are ideal for many occasions, and they also make a lovely colorful addition to any table, from buffets to formal dining tables. Pittman & Davis offers free shipping on fruit baskets,…

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