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Why are Apples Linked to the Holidays?

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Oranges are most likely to come to mind first when we think of Christmas fruit – the winter citrus is a traditional addition to hanging stockings. But gourmet apples make a regular appearance in Christmas gift baskets, and no wonder – in some parts of the world, apples have long... more

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How Tamales Became a Holiday Tradition

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Holiday Tamales

Among our customer Christmas Favorites at Pittman & Davis are our top-rated spicy Tamales! Does that surprise you? It won’t once you taste them – this savory best-seller is made with premium and falling-apart tender pork, beef and chicken, redolent with fresh Mexican spices and surrounded by a thin, moist... more

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5 Occasions to Give a Fruit Basket

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For a unique, creative, gift, send a fresh fruit gift basket from Pittman & Davis. Fresh fruit gift baskets are ideal for many occasions, and they also make a lovely colorful addition to any table, from buffets to formal dining tables. Pittman & Davis offers free shipping on fruit baskets,... more

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