Tempting Temple Oranges

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Orange Peel.

Image by T . J . M via Flickr

Temple oranges are sometimes called spring oranges because they are usually available during spring months. The peak growing season for Temple oranges is from December through March, making them the only orange available in the early spring.

Like the delicate but juice filled Honeybell orange, which is also only available for a limited time each year, the Temple orange is known for producing a lot of very sweet juice. The super easy to peel skin and the large amounts of juice make Temple oranges one of the most popular snacks for parents to give children, since children as young as toddlers can peel the pebbled, deep orange skin by themselves easily.

The juice can be a little messy to clean up, but the kids love the sweet taste and they love being able to peel the fruit and eat the small sections by themselves without any help from mom or dad.

Temple oranges are also great for cooking. Bright orange Temple sections make a great addition to early spring green salads, especially salads with grilled chicken in them. Temple orange zest mixed with grapefruit zest and sprinkled over cake or cookies adds a delicious sweet and slightly tart taste to plain almond or vanilla cakes or cookies. The brightly colored peel of the Temple orange is also great for decoration.

Add curls of the pretty orange peel to salads, sauces, or even drinks to add a touch of color and sweetness. Sweet Temple orange juice mixed with yogurt and fresh fruit makes for a delicious smoothie that is power packed with Vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals to help fight off winter colds and other illnesses. Marmalade and preserves made with delicious Temple oranges can be enjoyed all year long on sweet treats or homemade bread.

Because Temple oranges are only available for a few months each year it's a smart idea to pre-order them if you want to have enough to enjoy them while they are in season. Ordering in advance will make sure that your Temple oranges are shipped as soon as they reach their peak and will also ensure that you aren't left with just naval oranges and grapefruits for the entire year. Order Temple oranges today and you will be able to enjoy the great taste and refreshing juice of these special oranges in the dead of winter when the taste of fresh citrus will seem like a great holiday gift.

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