Texas Grapefruit Season

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grapefruit12.jpgA lot of people feel that the best way to eat is to do so seasonally. Dieticians will tell you that certain fruits or vegetables are available during differing months because they are better for the body during those months. For example, in the hot summer months you often find juicier fruits and veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons are in season that can help hydrate and refresh. In winter a lot of heartier items like greens and squash are in season. So where does Texas grapefruit stand in seasonal produce?

Luckily for those who love the bright red flesh of the Texas grapefruit, the fruit can be grown year round in some areas (particularly in South Texas, where winters are relatively tame), so the peak season is almost all year. In fact, from October to June is the best time to get the freshest, juiciest Texas grapefruit. That leaves just July, August, and September as the off season for Texas grapefruit, although many times you can still find at least a few varieties in the grocery store. They may not all be Texas grapefruit, or the Rio Red that we are used to seeing, but they may still be available.

Many Texans love the first winter crops that come to market and make a number of items with them. From Texas grapefruit pie to citrus tinged salad dressings and marinades, Texas grapefruit season is a bounty of tastes and textures that use the deep red and sweet flesh in ways that defy ordinary Texas grapefruit juice.

Since the off peak season for Texas grapefruit is so short, most people don't freeze or otherwise store Texas grapefruit during these months. A handful do, though and just like other citrus fruits, Texas grapefruit is easy to preserve or can. Since it can be stored in the fridge for up to eight weeks, many people by some at the tail end of peak season and simply store them in the fridge in a dry cold environment. This helps to get them through those couple of months where the freshest Texas grapefruit may not be available.

With all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that are jam packed into a single Texas grapefruit, it is no wonder that people love the nearly year round availability of the Texas grapefruit. Since it can be substituted for lemon or lime in a lot of recipes, the long peak season is even more important, as it can be used when lemons or limes may be scarce. No matter how you slice them (both literally and figuratively), the extra long Texas grapefruit season is a very fortunate thing. This goes not just for Texans but all the people from the South to Canada who enjoy shipments of Texas grapefruit.

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