The Power of a Thoughtful Gift

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Why do we give gifts?

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special milestones – whatever the occasion, our first instinct is to choose a gift for those we care about. We probably don’t even think about why – the reasons are ingrained, and many: we give gift boxes to express affection, build and cement relationships, help others, or show appreciation. We also love to receive a gift box in return – who hasn’t received an unexpected gift basket and smiled before even opening it?

The Psychology of Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is good for us, but it can also be a source of anxiety. A thoughtful, well-received gift can improve relationships between people, but a poorly received or thoughtless gift can do the exact opposite. For instance, monetary gifts are often considered unthoughtful because there’s no real meaning behind the gift (who wants to know the value of their relationship in dollars?). And money truly isn’t everything – it’s a misconception that expensive gifts are more thoughtful and more appreciated than personal gifts. Many people prefer a gift they (and/or their families) can actually use, as opposed to an expensive present. (This is why gourmet gift baskets from Pittman & Davis are so well-rated with our customers, but more on that later.) Even gift cards (a common last-minute gift these days) are less welcome than a thoughtful gift when it comes to strengthening a relationship (just ask the business that regularly order corporate gift boxes containing citrus and other fruit gifts from us!).

The Challenge of Finding the Perfect Gift

If the thought of what a gift stands for (i.e. cementing a relationship) causes you worry that you won’t be able to find a gift that’s well-received, don’t let it. Finding the right gift isn’t as difficult as you may think it is if you pay attention to the people you care about. For instance, if you have a relative recovering from COVID, a gift of our premium citrus fruit is bound to be well received for its immune-boosting properties. A gift of protein-rich nuts or sweet and chewy dried fruit is an excellent choice for the health nut in your life, or the person who loves hiking or training.

Fruit baskets are great gift choices for folks you don’t know well (like business associates or distant relations) because they still come across as personal. That’s because a gourmet gift basket containing fruits and other gourmet goodies are practical as well as beautiful: everyone needs to eat, and most everyone can eat fruit! Citrus gifts are an excellent choice for vegans or vegetarians, while gourmet gift baskets containing smoked meats, cheeses, and other goodies are great for those who love to entertain. Or for someone who wants to entertain, but might not be up for it – a ready-made meal in a basket takes the work out their holiday, so in a way you’re giving the gift of time, which anyone can appreciate!

A Thoughtful Gift Can be Good for You, Too

No matter the recipient or the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful fruit gift basket from Pittman & Davis. When you buy fruit baskets for your loved ones, you save yourself time, hassle and worry – plus you’re always sure to get a gift that will be welcomed! Check out Pittman & Davis’s amazing assortment of citrus gift baskets and mail fruit and other gourmet treats of the highest quality to your loved ones now…you’ll find a variety of price points to fit every budget, and lots of options to fit every taste. Not to mention, thoughtful gifts they’ll love, remember, and really use.

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